Cass County Divorces 1898-1906

Originally published March 2007 in the Minnesota Genealogical Journal (MJG:37-03).  These records were extracted by Cecelia McKeig from the Cass County District Court Judgment Books 1897-1971, held by the State Archives at the Minnesota History Center.

Surname Plaintiff Defendant Children Date Page#
Albert Hannah Albert Peter Albert
5/9/1899 A46
Albert Peter Albert Nalta L. Albert
8/28/1900 A59-60
Anger Minnie Anger Louis Anger Minnie, Rosie, Beatrice 4/27/1903 A125
Benjamin Peter Benjamin Virginia Benjamin
11/7/1904 A170
Bonallie Alice Douglass Bonallie John Bonallie
3/21/1905 A172-173
Bonnalie John Vonnalie Emma Bonnalie
11/20/1902 A113
Cline Estella Jane Wilson Cline Robert Cline Christy Adeline Cline 12/2/1898 A35
Cox Alma Carlile Cox Charles Cox
11/16/1900 A62-63
Dobson Amy Dobson Abraham Dobson
5/7/1898 A18
Dum E.K. Dum Helen M. Dum
9/4/1902 A108
Elliott Laura Newman Elliott Joseph Elliott
10/5/1903 A144
Elwess Wm. H. Elwess Myrtie R. Elwess Mabel E, George H., Edna 5/12/1900 A57
Frohnapfel George C. Frohnapfel Annie Frohnapfel
1/20/1904 A152
Gaudette Olvina Gaudette Gideon Gaudette
9/15/1902 A109-110
Gray Etta Gray Thomas Gray Dora (6), Laura (3) 5/16/1900 A58-59
Green William W. Green Anna Belle Green Ruby May Green (adopted child - custody to Anna Belle) 12/13/1905 A186
Grimmer Helen W. Grimmer Harry Grimmer Furn Grimmer 6/19/1899 A44-45
Hall Mary Hall George Washington Hall Thomas Edward (19) Minnie (17) George Peter (14) Mary Emma (12) 5/14/1904 A158-159
Hardy Grace L. Nichols Hardy Parker E. Hardy
3/7/1906 A190
Harmon Annie Harmon Charles Harmon
3/2/1901 A74
Harrison Henrietta M. Harrison Benjamin F. Harrison
1/24/1902 A95-96
Hasbrouck Sarah Watkins Hasbrouck Clyde Hasbrouck
7/26/1904 A162
Jenkins Frank H. Jenkins Julia M. Jenkins
3/7/1899 A42
Johnston Mary Johnston William S. Johnston Martha Mary (12), Joseph Henry (10), Annie Jane (8) Hattie (5) 5/21/1901 A79
Ketchum Sarah Ketchum George Ketchum Minnie, Bertha, Julia 1/30/1900 A50
Knowles J. H. Knowles Abbie Knowles
9/27/1899 A45-46
Lambert Alfred Lambert Frances Lambert
11/26/1901 A92
LaVargne Annie LaVargne Phillip LaVargne
8/27/1902 A106
Lawr Martha Lawr William Henry Lawr Christopher, Ethel 1/12/1904 A151
Longfellow Jennie Viola Odell Longfellow Harry H. Longfellow
5/23/1904 A160
McGarry P. H. McGarry Lottie McGarry Edna McGarry (commenced 8/28/1897) 5/28/1901 A80
Miller Arthur W. Miller Julia M. Miller
12/17/1902 A119-120
Moran Elizabeth Moran Jerry Moran
11/15/1901 A91
Morgan Daisie R. Morgan Elmer E. Morgan
3/13/1906 A192
Morrison Rosie D. Morrison William C. Morrison Georgie, Gracie, Mina 11/29/1905 A184
Newman Louise Agnes Mearow Newman Albert Nelson Newman Doris Marie 8/8/1904 A164
Nichaelson Carrie Nichaelson Michael Nichaelson Tillie May 8/23/1900 A60-61
Penfield Paul Penfield Della Williams Penfield
3/17/1900 A55-56
Peppenger Florence A, McCrea Joseph L. Peppenger
6/26/1902 A104
Perrault Alphride Morrisette Perrault Leboir Perrault
12/22/1905 A188-189
Peterson Louise Peterson Ole Peterson Clair 4/27/1905 A175
Phelps Jessie Marie Phelps Edward H. Phelps Walter A. Phelps 4/27/1905 A176
Riley Thomas Riley Elizabeth Riley

Rivard Auigust C. Rivard Mae Rivard
8/5/1904 A163
Rohloff Elsie Warner Paul Rohloff Gladys 11/28/1905 A183
Rootes Edo Glau Rootes Joseph Rootes Leo Rootes 4/17/1902 A101
Santhony Samuel Santhony Harriet Santhony
4/5/1901 A72
Scanlon Georgie Fremole Scanlon John P. Scanlon
5/10/1900 A17
Schockel Fidelia H. Schockel Christian W. Schockel
11/29/1902 A114-115
Seeley Mary Lucinda Bossom Seeley Thomas Seeley
1/30/1900 A49
Sheets Lydia E. Sheets Fred E. Sheets Roy Sheets 5/1/1901 A76
Signalness Inga Signalness Ole M. Signalness Mary Blanche 11/4/1902 A-112
Steele John Henry Steele Pearl Steele
12/16/1905 A187
Sulton Orrien S. Sulton Sarah E. Sulton
5/7/1904 A156
Thompson Clement Thompson Alma M. Thompson Earl, Leon (custody awarded to Clement Thompson) 11/15/1904 A169
Van Pelt Katie Van Pelt George Van Pelt Margaret Lilly (5) Christopher J. (3); Orville Mark (1 1/2) 8/23/1900 A181-182
Widmark Maggie Widmark Peter O. Widmark
4/28/1903 A124
Williams Mary Jane Williams Joseph C. Williams Mollie, Ewell, Margaret, George 4/29/1902 A102
Zaffke Ruth I. Granger Zaffke Emil Zaffke
12/10/1903 A149