Teaching Certificates

This is a miscellaneous collection of 1752 cards with information on certification of teachers in Cass County between 1902 and 1964. Some cards have additional information indicating when and in which school the teacher taught, and some have minimal information. Some have dates; some do not. If there were multiple dates, we listed the earliest date. Some have alternate names listed (marriage or single) as some women were first certified while single and later as married. Some were certified while married, but a secretary jotted the maiden name on the card as well. Most of the cards are from 1919-1945. We have no explanation for missing cards or what might have happened to records for other educators who received their certification and taught in Cass County.

Last Name First Name Alt Name City Kind of Certificate Date of 1st Issue
Abbott Robert Iventin
Eagle Bend St. Cloud TC 6/1/1931
Ackerson Frances Hazuka
Motley El Lim Rural 6/1/1941
Ackerson Phyllis
Pillager El Lim 6/1/1948
Adams Alice
Staples Elem 7/1/1930
Adams Esther S.
Staples E.L. Rural 6/1/1937
Adams Leasa
St. Paul Rural 9/1/1921
Adams Lottie
Elk River 1st Class 8/1/1918
Agar LaVerne Anne
Backus Rural 8/1/1923
Agather Frederic A.

Ahlbrecht Elsie Mae
Staples Rural 7/1/1938
Aiton Stella Lewis
Rural 8/1/1922
Akin Mrs. Myrtle
Motley 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Albrant Irene
Albrecht Esther
Aleshire Alma
Lincoln, Mn. Primary 7/1/1931
Aleshire Edna Ardell
Lincoln E.S. 6/7/1933
Alexander Goldie
Walker Rural 8/1/1917
Allan Laura
Pine River E.L. Rural 6/1/1937
Allen Warren H.
Walker Principal 8/1/1916
Almquist Grace E.
LaPorte Rural 8/1/1925
Ames Vivian E.
Staples Rural 8/1/1919
Anderberg Julia
Staples Rural 8/1/1917
Anderson Adeline M.
Pillager Rural 8/1/1930
Anderson Clara B.
Leech Lake Rural 8/1/1926
Anderson Clyde
Remer Elem, Principal 8/1/1918
Anderson Emily Hamilton Hackensack L. E. Permit 10/22/1946
Anderson Frade
Pine River Rural 8/1/1926
Anderson Helen
Pequot Elementary 8/1/1925
Anderson Helene
Pine River Elementary 8/1/1920
Anderson Jennie M.
Anderson Kaisa B.
Walker Rural 8/1/1921
Anderson Mabel A.
Pillager First Class 8/1/1919
Anderson Mildred
Minneapolis 1st Gr. Common 8/1/1927
Anderson Myrtle E.
Remer 1st Class 8/1/1917
Anderson Nan M.
Walker Adv. Diploma 7/26/1918
Anderson Phyllis
Pillager El. Lim. 6/1/1935
Anderson Robert William
Hackensack L.E. Permit 10/22/1946
Anderson Vermund
Pine River 1st Grade 8/1/1925
Anderson Vivian
Pequot 1st Class 8/1/1918
Anderson (Werner) Angeline Leonora
Pillager Diploma 5/29/1912
Anderson/Bakker Ingeborg
Walker Rural 7/1/1933
Andress Gladys
Walker Rural 7/1/1931
Andrews Kathryn Tabaka Longville Rural 8/1/1928
Andrews Margret B.
Cyphers 1st Class 8/1/1916
Andrews Nellie Maude
Walker El. Lim 11/27/1909
Andrews Vincent
Backus Augsburg College 6/1/1950
Applin Hazel
Pine River Life
Armour George
Pillager 1st Grade 8/1/1920
Arnold Mattie
Arthur Dorothie
Summie, SD E.L. 6/1/1940
Arthur Ella Riles
Pequot Lakes L.E. Rural 9/18/1943
Arvig Anna
Pine River 2nd class 8/1/1916
Ashmun Richard Dean
Pine River U of M 9/5/1957
Atwood Erma Carper
Longville H.S. 8/9/1937
Atwood Guy

Industrial Certif 8/1/1917
Atwood Irene
Longville Life Diploma 7/1/1929
Baakkonen Helen
Brainerd Rural 8/1/1926
Babbitt Mrs. Earl
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Backlund Helen M.
Verndale 2nd Gr. Exch. 8/1/1925
Backman Vanetta
Pine River Rural 6/1/1936
Backman Verena E.
Pine River El Lim Rural 6/1/1935
Backstrom Alice R.
Remer Rural 6/1/1934
Backstrom Alice Ruth Toffle
Boy River E.S. 9/1/1937
Backus Ida Theresa
Staples El. Lim. 7/1/1933
Bacon Anna
Brainerd Rural 8/1/1918
Bacon Cora Troelstrup Belgrade 1st Class 8/1/1915
Bacon Glenn
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1920
Bacon Ruby E.
Burtrum St. Cloud College 6/1/1923
Bacon Ruth Olson
Leader El Lim Rural 7/1/1931
Bacon Vera
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1919
Badden Donna Evelyn DeLay
St Cloud STC 7/1/1940
Bader Agnes L.
Pillager Sp Certificate. 8/1/1916
Bahr Evelyn Stenstrom Bemidji LE Permit 11/26/1947
Bailey E. Frederic
Longville Northwestern U. 6/1/1946
Bailey Jessie M.
Pillager 2nd Class 8/1/1912
Baillif Rebecca H.
Backus Carleton College 8/1/1926
Baker Esther Swenson
St Cloud STC 7/1/1954
Baker Lillian
Shovel Lake 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Ballantyne Laurian
Pine River El. Lim 8/1/1927
Balzer Sara H.
Mt. Lake E.L. 10/9/1942
Bane Daisy
Hackensack El. Lim 8/1/1924
Baney Clarence
Pequot 1st Class - Rural 8/1/1917
Barnes Lura D.
Motley 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Barnett Mildred M.
Pillager El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Barnheart Merle A.
Leader El Lim Rural 6/1/1938
Barr Lois Helen
Bemidji Bemidji STC 12/23/1949
Barrett Agnes R.
Walker El. Lim - Rural 6/6/1934
Barrett Gertrude
Staples Rural 8/1/1916
Barrett Lucilla Maude Thompson
E.S. 7/1/1935
Barstad Delphine

El Lim Rural 6/1/1938
Bartnof Rose
Minneapolis STC Diploma 11/26/1924
Batters Elsie
Remer Adv. Diploma 6/6/1916
Batterton Jean Margaret Neururer Hopkins St. Cloud T.C. 8/1/1928
Bauman William Drever
Pequot Lakes MacPhail College 6/1/1946
Beach Frances
Beaver N. Gertrude

1st grade 7/1/1923
Beck Edith Adeline
Federal Dam Illinois Normal 10/16/1956
Beck Tillie
Inguadona 1st Class 8/1/1916
Beede Abbigale
Superior, WI 2nd Grade 8/1/1923
Beede Ella May
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1916
Beers Dorothy
Motley 1st Grade 8/1/1926
Beers Gladys Hunter Motley El. Limited 8/1/1928
Beers Mary Jean
Bendson Myrtle C. Hanson Motley El Lim 8/1/1928
Bengaard Hannah

1st Grade 8/1/1922
Bengtson Marjorie Anna

El Lim 6/1/1940
Benham Iva M.
Oshawa 1st Class 8/1/1920
Bennett Eunice G.
Federal Dam 1st Class 8/1/1926
Benson Gladys
Brainerd Adv. Diploma 3/8/1929
Benson Mary Etta Whitney
E.L. Permit 5/17/1943
Berg Esther Eleanor
Brainerd Elem 8/14/1961
Bergen Verna Eldora
Pine River Adv. Diploma
Bergh Gertrude B.
Cass Lake Spec 2nd 8/1/1919
Bergh Ruth Marie

Nor Sch Diploma 8/1/1922
Berglund Jennie A.
Backus Adv. Diploma 6/5/1918
Berlin Ruth Erika
St. Paul Macalaster College 6/23/1942
Berry Daisy
Berryman Mrs. Norma
Pine River 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Bertel Hildur
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1919
Beseman Otto William
Burtrum St. Cloud TC 6/7/1941
Betz Esther
Staples 2nd grade TTD 8/1/1915
Beving Donna Alt Staples
Beyschau Elizabeth Marie
Pequot Limited Elem 8/1/1925
Bilben Mayne
Walker Rural 7/1/1933
Bille Ralph
Pillager 1st Gr. Prof.
Billeadow Lillian
Pine River

Billings Jiuanita M.
Pillager El. Limited 6/6/1934
Bimberg Margaret
Staples El Lim 1/25/1936
Bisel Chester A.
Longville 1st Class 8/1/1922
Bixby Susie
Cohasset 1st Class 8/1/1913
Bjelde Laura
Leader 1st Class 8/1/1924
Bjondal Alice
Wadena 1st Grade 8/1/1926
Bjorgo Janet
Cass Lake B.S. - Spec Cert 8/1/1918
Bjornaas Gertrude
Walker Diploma - Life
Blackburn Irene
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Blair Lillie
Remer 1st Gr. Adv. Diploma 12/5/1917
Blair Mrs. W. L.
Boy River No data 8/24/1923
Blake Gladys J.
Hawley Adv. Dploma 7/23/1920
Blomquist Dorothy Oleen
El Lim Rural 7/1/1944
Bloom May Eugenia
St. Cloud El Rural 6/3/1939
Bloomquist Andrew Ray
Cass Lake Industrial Cert 8/1/1921
Boe Helga
Remer Adv Diploma Bji N.T. 8/1/1924
Boe Martha
Remer 1st Grade 8/1/1923
Bogart Fannie E.
Pine River No data 8/25/1917
Bogart Ruth A.
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1917
Bohmback Evelyn

Rural 8/1/1926
Bohn Eleanor A.
Walker Prim Grades 8/1/1917
Boldan Ruth Johnson
Leader Bemidji S.C. 7/1/1944
Bond Charles B.
Backus 1st Grade 8/1/1918
Bonick Alice
Boy River Elem./Bemidji State 1/28/1943
Boom Lillian T.
Remer Adv. Diploma 6/16/1916
Boots Lulu Jones Pequot 1st Grade 8/1/1921
Born Mary
Cyphers 1st Grade 8/1/1912
Bossingham Earl N.
Backus Cert. 8/1/1927
Bothne May Antoinette
Laporte 1st Grade 8/1/1920
Bowman Mrs. Luthera M.
Walker No data 8/24/1923
Boyer Theobold
Boy River 1st Grade 8/1/1923
Boyington Doris M.
Pequot El Lim 6/1/1939
Boynton Georgiann
Walker Elem 12/7/1942
Bradshaw Elza R.
Hackensack Agri - Voc 4/12/1948
Bradt Beth Katherine
Park Rapids E.S. 7/1/1942
Bragg Mabel Alice
Walker El Limited 8/1/1924
Bragg/Orton Maud Frances
Walker Limited 8/1/1921
Brassard Elvira M.

1st Grade 10/11/1922
Braun Barbara
Pillager Elem Limited 7/1/1933
Braun Theodora M.
Motley El Lim Rural 7/1/1938
Brees Mrs. Laura Osborn Oshawa 1st Class H.S. 8/1/1917
Brennan Joseph
Hackensack El. Standard 7/1/1934
Brennick Esther
Federal Dam Limited 2nd Grade 8/1/1925
Brennick Florence
Boy River El Lim Rural 8/1/1920
Brennon John Patrick
Hackensack El Stan 7/1/1934
Brevik Leo
Brevik no data 8/18/1920
Brewer Helen
Pine River Adv. Diploma 3/8/1918
Briggs Harold
Byron 1st Class 8/1/1915
Britton Linea
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1914
Britton Mildred Stuntz Pillager Iowa T.C. 1/13/1943
Broadbent Veda E.
Oshawa 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Broberg Inga
Ellis Limited 8/1/1920
Brohaugh R. Luella

U. of M. Life Cert. 8/1/1920
Brooke Anna E.
Boy River 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Brookens Lorene

E.S. 9/1/1938
Brown Florence J.
Staples 1st H.S. 8/1/1919
Brown Rose
Motley 1st Grade 8/1/1926
Browne Edna W.
Pillager El Lim. 6/1/1936
Brueberg Andrew Christofferson
Pine River Gustavus Adolphus 9/1/1946
Bruette Laura
Backus Adv Dip Household Arts 6/4/1920
Bruning George James
Hackensack 1st Gr. 8/1/1926
Brunt Hannah
Motley 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Bryant Ruby F.
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1918
Bundy Leslie
Backus no data 8/21/1928
Bundy May
Backus no data 9/1/1921
Burgess Mary Thayer Brainerd 1st Class 8/1/1916
Burke Helena G.

Adv. Normal 8/1/1920
Burke Mrs. Luella
Staples El Lim Rural 6/1/1934
Burnett Irene Jaquiso
1st Cl 3/6/1931
Butler Beatrice
Cyphers 2nd Grade 8/1/1917
Butler Effie
Hackensack 1st Grade 8/1/1915
Butler Iona
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Butler Morris LeRoy Eldred
Motley Rural Educ 6/5/1936
Butterfield Leath L.
Federal Dam Limited 8/1/1924
Butzer Esther Vivian
Staples El Limited 8/5/1929
Byersdorfer Georgia
Walker E.L. Rural 4/29/1947
Byhre Agnes
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Byhre Clara F.
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1919
Byhre Helen
Walker E.S. 8/1/1928
Byhre Margaret
Walker El. Limited 7/1/1930
Byrne Edward John
Hackensack Bemidji State 6/1/1950
Caldwell Grace McGregor Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1921
Caldwell Mabel Olive
Cass Lake 1st Grade 8/1/1915
Calkins Susan M.
Sebeka Agr. School 8/1/1917
Cameron Margaret K.
Pequot Rural 7/6/1934
Campbell Esther Amy
Backus 1st Grade 8/1/1916
Campbell Laura Agnes

Spec Elem 8/1/1921
Campion Mary C.
Federal Dam 1st Class Adv. 8/1/1918
Cannon Bertha Josephine
Cass Lake St. Normal Dipl 8/1/1919
Carder Richard Williams
Hackensack Voc 11/19/1947
Carew Nora

1st Grade 8/1/1923
Carey Gladys
Pine River Rural 6/1/1935
Carlander Garda Isabelle
Pine River Diploma 6/14/1907
Carlander Helen
Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1917
Carlson Doris Virginia
Pine River E.S. 7/1/1941
Carlson Dorothy S. Holst Pine River Ele. Limited 7/1/1931
Carlson Ethel
Cohaset 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Carlson Evelyn
Pine River El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Carlson Frances Louise
Cass Lake Adv. Diploma 6/6/1917
Carlson George K.
Mildred Diploma 7/27/1917
Carlson Harold
Pine River 1st Grade Rural 4/9/1929
Carlson Helen M.
Raboin Limited 8/1/1920
Carlson J. Alfred
Brevik 1st Class 8/1/1916
Carlson Mable Fosen Litchfield 1st Class 8/1/1918
Carlson Olga J.
Walker U. of M Cert. 8/1/1917
Carlson Pauline V.
Remer 1st Class 8/1/1914
Carlson Ruth Adeline
Pillager El Lim 6/1/1935
Carnes Hallie G.
Cass Lake Adv. Diploma 6/7/1917
Carr Phyllis
Pine River 1st Grade Rural 8/17/1923
Carrier Floss
Backus no data 8/4/1925
Carter H. Eva
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1920
Cassidy Agnes T.
Remer 2nd Class 8/1/1915
Cassidy Anna
Shovel Lake 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Chamberlin Agnes Louise
Pine River El Lim 6/1/1942
Chambers Howard G.
Longville 1st Gr 8/1/1921
Charlson Margaret
Cass Lake 1st Grade 8/1/1920
Chatfield Rose L.
Onigum no data 8/8/1922
Chenevert Eugenie B.
Remer El Lim 7/1/1931
Chenevert Myrtle
Outing 1st Grade 8/1/1915
Child Mary Margaret
Pillager Adv. Diploma 6/4/1920
Chimzar Mary V.
Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1919
Chisholm Margaret M. Stewart Arnegard, ND Sp 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Christensen Sidsel A.
Pillager El. Limited 7/1/1930
Christian Blayne T.
Pine River 1st Grade Rural 8/1/1926
Christianson Nina
Whipholt El Limited 7/1/1933
Christianson Nora S.
Whipholt El Limited 6/1/1935
Christofferson Erma Jane Wentworth Hackensack Gustavus Adolphus 7/1/1946
Christopherson Celia
Hackensack 1st Class 8/1/1920
Church Clara
Cass Lake 1st Grade 4/1/1913
Ciernia Al J.
Longville U of M 8/7/1950
Ciernia Valborg
Longville St. Olaf College 6/1/1938
Claflin Althea M.
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Clairmont Edna Lusk Bena Elem Limited 1/29/1951
Clemons Florence Brennick Remer 1st Gr 7/27/1942
Clevenger Ruth A.
Backus no data 8/22/1918
Close Lena Wood Hackensack Bemidji State 6/1/1938
Close Lena Margaretha Wood Hackensack Elem 12/5/1916
Cloud Stella
Remer 2nd class 8/1/1917
Clow Richard A.
Pillager no data 9/1/1921
Cochran Joyce
Pequot Limited 8/1/1920
Colburn Audrey E.
Henning El Limited Rural 7/1/1931
Colburn Doris V.
Walker Limited 8/1/1920
Colby Ethel M.
Shovel Lake 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Colby Rose J.
Swatara 2nd Class 8/1/1922
Cole Lena Gerrels Pillager El Lim Rural 8/1/1929
Coleman Clarice E.
Cass Lake 2nd Class 8/1/1919
Coleman Helen A.
Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1919
Collins Ambrose J.
Walker El Lim Rural 6/1/1935
Collins Elna Weishair Backus El Lim Rural 1/10/1944
Condit Jessie
Motley no data 9/1/1921
Conklin Helen Hope
Bemidji E.S. Rural 7/1/1941
Conklin Mary E.
Cyphers 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Converse Hazel Durst Pillager El St 7/25/1930
Conzet Esther
Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1916
Coon Reta M.
Pine River Spec Cert. 8/1/1921
Cooper Myrtle E.
Pequot 2nd Grade 8/1/1924
Cooper Vera E.
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Coppernall Inez M. Reid Walker 1st Class 8/1/1923
Coppess Alice M. Peterson Pine River 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Cordes Miriam Ruth
Walker Adv Diploma 6/11/1914
Corner Cecile C.
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1919
Corrick Creta
Benedict 1st Class 8/1/1921
Corrick June
Laporte El Lim 9/7/1924
Cottingham Margaret M. Dickinson Motley 1st Grade 9/1/1910
Coughlin Mrs. Pearl Pooker Grant St. Cert. 3/31/1921
Coughlin Mrs. Pearl Poorkerf Pine River E. S. 6/1/1909
Courtney Muril Ada
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Courtright Genevieve
Ellis 1st Class 8/1/1918
Cox John C.
Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1925
Coyle Isabelle A.
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1925
Coyle Marie G.
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1922
Coyle Sadie C.
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1918
Coyne Elizabeth Catherine

1st Grade 8/1/1921
Craig Wilma Kathleen
Pine River 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Crawford Roxana Boss Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Crema Rose A.
Nashwauk Adv. Dipl. 6/4/1925
Crimmins Jennie
Motley 2nd Grade 8/1/1922
Crist Darlene
Pine River 1st Grade 4/9/1929
Crocker Ethel Mae
Pillager 1st Grade 8/1/1923
Crocker Goldy Celeste
Staples 1st Grade 8/1/1928
Crocker Lela M.
Brainerd 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Crocker Mabel Martin
Pillager 2nd Gr Rural 8/1/1918
Crocker Pearl Gracie
Pillager El. Lim. 7/12/1935
Croff Eva
Walker El. Lim. 7/1/1930
Croff Gladys
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1917
Cromett Dorothy
Pine River El. Lim. Rural 6/1/1936
Cromett Verna
Pine River El. Lim. Rural 6/1/1936
Crum Ethel L.
Pequot 1st Grade 8/1/1926
Cummings Bernice O'Morrow Walker 1st Class 8/1/1919
Cummings Raymond Edward
Hackensack Mankato Normal 6/7/1917
Cutting Florence
Sleepy Eye Life Endorsement 6/21/1916
Cutting Martha Isabelle
Walker 1st Grade 3/25/1916
Dabill Myrle Cusey E. L. E. L. Rural 6/1/1941
Dade Alice
Pillager 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Dade Fannie J.
Brainerd E.L. 8/1/1916
Dahl Annette S.
Pine River no data 8/23/1916
Dahl Elverna L.

E.L. 9/5/1941
Dahl Margaret
Walker Adv. Nor Diploma 3/8/1918
Dahly Edna
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1928
Daigle Philomene
Bena 1st Class 8/1/1916
Dailey Mae E. Browne Bemidji Bemidji State 7/1/1950
Dailey Violette Fern Harris Poplar E.L. Rural 6/1/1941
Dale Florence
Cass Lake Spec Cert 8/1/1917
Dale May Lamb Remer Spec Cert 8/1/1926
Dally Leila Claire
Walker Adv. Normal 11/28/1917
Dally Ruby C.
Pillager no data 9/1/1921
Damme Ethel Wicklund Motley 2nd Gr Rural 9/16/1940
Danwalter Joyce
Pillager 1st Grade 8/1/1929
Daugherty Margaret Bartholomew Backus 1st Grade 4/1/1929
Davenport Leona
Motley 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Davenport Teresa
Creek, Mn 1st Class 8/1/1916
Davenport Vera V.
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1923
David Bessie
Grey Eagle 1st Class 8/1/1919
Davids Adeline S.
Walker Elem Bem Nor Sch 6/3/1921
Davies Florence
Pine River 1st Grade 8/1/1914
Davis Elsie Webster
1st Grade 8/1/1922
Davis Mae L.
Pine River 1st Grade 8/1/1915
Davis Mrs. Helen
Walker St. Cloud T.C. 8/1/1914
Day Clara Volk Backus no data 8/1/1927
Day Esther
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Dedrick Eva E.
Cass Lake 1st C 11/24/1928
Deek Ruth
St. Paul 1st Class 8/1/1918
DeFlorin Rose
Walker El Lim 7/1/1930
Degnan Helen
Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1919
DeLury Elizabeth
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1920
Denniston Ruby R.
Pine River El Lim 6/3/1932
Derdowska Marie Harriet
Cass Lake U of M Cert. 8/1/1920
Derkey Arvilla
Brainerd El Lim 7/1/1931
Deverell Agnes Margaret
Backus Diploma 3/3/1922
DeVine Allie Crawford
E.L. 8/8/1942
DeWald Bera L.
Brainerd 1st Class 8/1/1921
DeWald Bertha A.
Poplar El. Lim. 7/1/1933
Dewey Mary Ethel
Backus Spec Cert 8/1/1921
Dickenson Gladys
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Dickinson Belle O'Morrow Walker 1st Class 8/1/1922
Dickinson Dorothy C.
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1928
Dickinson Ethel L.
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1925
Dickinson Harold
Little Falls Lim 8/1/1921
Dickinson Jennie A.
Walker 1st Class 8/1/1922
Dickinson Lura
Walker 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Dickinson Myrtle
Walker El Lim 7/1/1932
Dobbyn Clara McNeil Backus State Cert. 8/1/1922
Dobbyn Frank W.
Backus 1st Gr. Prof 1/25/1908
Dodge Blanche S.
Remer 1st Class 8/1/1916
Dodge Wm. I.
Remer Sp Cert Principal 8/1/1917
Dodson Nadine J.
Nevis El Lim 5/31/1946
Dolan Marvel
Backus 1st Class 8/1/1918
Donaldsen Louise M.
Hackensack El Lim Rural 9/12/1942
Donart Helene A.
Sauk Center 1st Class 8/1/1917
Donnelly Esther
Pine River 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Dorsey Nancy
Pillager 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Doty Twyla Rendahl Longville El Stu 9/1/1944
Dougherty John
Backus 2nd Class 8/1/1915
Drablow Oda
Cass Lake Adv. Diploma 11/27/1918
Drake Clara Berg Staples 2nd grade 8/1/1923
Drapping Mary E. Reuter Jenkins 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Dugas Mabel
Cass Lake 1st Grade 8/1/1914
Duncan Clarence

1st Grade 8/1/1924
Duncan Emma Morud Boy River U of ND 7/1/1932
Dunkle Florence
Remer Lim 2nd 8/1/1916
Dwire Charles E.
Backus El Lim 6/6/1932
Dwire Inez A.
Wilkinson 1st Grade 8/1/1928
Dwire Thelma
Wilkinson 1st Grade 8/1/1927
Eastman Annie Boyer Leader 2nd Gr 8/1/1913
Eastman Gwendolyn
Pine River 1st Gr Proc 8/1/1916
Eastman Henrietta Susie Steen Poplar 1st Gr Cert 10/2/1929
Eastman Muriel
Backus Spec Cert. 8/1/1919
Ecker Freda E. Snell Pine River El Rural 8/1/1916
Eckes Marie A.
Motley El Lim 7/1/1931
Edin Edith
Staples 1st Class H.S. 8/1/1917
Edminster Lois
Leech Lake 1st Class 8/1/1920
Edwards Roland
Inguadona 2nd Gr 8/1/1914
Egan Laverne Evangeline
Remer El Lim 2/5/1935
Eickstadt Darlene Carol
Bemidji El Lim 8/26/1948
Eickstadt Royal George
Bemidji El Lim 7/28/1948
Eidy Catherine Eunice
Hackensack B.A. Carleton 8/1/1924
Elke William C.
Cass Lake Ind. Cert. 8/1/1918
Ellestad Edith L.
Backus 1st Class 8/1/1916
Ellestad Geva I
Sebeka 2nd Class 8/1/1915
Ellestad Helen R. Larreau Backus 2nd Grade H.S. 8/1/1917
Ellis Agnes O. Hillberg Walker 1st Class 8/1/1924
Ellis Gertrude
Pine River E.L. 6/1/1941
Ellis Laura M.
Staples El Lim 7/1/1933
Ellis Nellie Alice
Mildred 1st Gr Pro Hamline 8/1/1921
Elrod Jessie C.
Benedict 2nd Gr 8/1/1927
Emblom Lizzie J.
Remer 1st Class H.S. 8/1/1920
Emery Ethel M.
Cyphers Lim 2nd Spec 8/1/1916
Emery H. Madge Curtis Cyphers 1st Limited HS 8/1/1921
Emrick Edna G. Converse Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Emrick Erma
Mildred 1st Gr Common 8/1/1928
Emrick Harold
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Engebretsen Gertrude Hrdlichka Boy River Spec.Lim 8/1/1918
Engler Lillian M.
Pine River
Erickson Agnes E. Everson Pequot 1st Class 8/1/1915
Erickson Arlene Gardner Pine River Elem Lim 6/1/1938
Erickson Edith

E.L. 6/1/1941
Erickson Ethel V.
Jenkins 2nd Class 8/1/1919
Erickson Glenn William
Backus U of M 9/7/1943
Erickson John F.
Pine River El Lim Rural 7/1/1930
Erickson Margaret A.
Pequot 1st Class, H.S. 8/1/1916
Erickson Mrs. Merle Emery Mildred Lim 8/1/1916
Erickson Myrtle L.
Mildred 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Erickson Ruth Elizabeth
Pillager El - Primary 6/7/1933
Erickson Thelma F.
Estabrooks Melva Jean
Sebeka Elem 7/1/1956
Euler Gertrude
Oshawa 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Evans Ida C.

Prof - U of M 8/1/1919
Evansta Alma
Brainerd 1st Gr - Adv Nor 8/1/1921
Eveland Helen Marie
Backus El Lim 6/1/1935
Evenson Hilda B.
Ellis 2nd Class 8/1/1922
Evenson Loretta Urness Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1919
Evenson Pearl Shirk Bena L.E. Permit 9/5/1944
Evensta Evelyn Gladys
Pillager St. Cloud TC 6/7/1933
Everett Roy
Hackensack Prof Cert - 8/10/1929
Everson Margaret D.
Cook 2nd Grade 8/1/1920
Falk Margaret
Backus no data 9/1/1921
Farnum Claire
Walker 1st Class H.S. Tr. 8/1/1918
Farnum Zella
Walker 1st Class H.S. Tr. 8/1/1919
Fass Thelma
Walker Spec Kindergarten 8/1/1924
Feakes Effie
Grant 2nd Class 8/1/1914
Feakes Ray
Grant 1st Class 8/1/1917
Felien Clara B.
Stanton 1st Class 8/1/1917
Felien Florence Mae
Stanton 1st Class 8/1/1917
Felton Bertha Ottarson Nevis 1st Grade 8/1/1924
Felton Lois Whitted Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Fenske Alma M.
Brainerd 1st Class 8/1/1915
Ferguson Nellie
Cass Lake 1st Class 8/1/1917
Ferrell Violet R.
Pillager 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Fields Allen
Pine River 1st Grade
Filla Julia

1st Gr H.S. Tr. 8/1/1923
Fillbrandt Louise

1st Grade 8/1/1926
Finlayson Donald E.
Hackensack Iowa State T.C. 8/1/1935
Finley Gladys D.
Pine River 1st Class H.S. Tr. 8/1/1914
Finsaas Bernice Margaret Fisher Pine River El Lim Rural 6/1/1937
Fischer Leonard
Cass Lake Spec 8/1/1921
Fisher Herbert
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1929
Fisher Irene

El Lim 6/1/1940
Fisher Viola P.
Backus El Lim Rural 7/1/1937
Fitz Nellie
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1922
FitzPatrick Agnes M.
Alexandria 1st Grade 8/1/1923
FitzPatrick L. Elizabeth
Alexandria 1st Grade 9/1/1924
Fitzsimmons Alta
Pine River Adv. Diploma 8/1/1918
Flahaven Lavina
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1917
Flanagan Beryle E.
Hubbard 1st Class 8/1/1922
Flanagan Florence
Pillager Prof U of M. 8/1/1917
Flathers Ada
Ellis 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Fletcher Lois Abbie Hite Pine River
Flom Edna Mae
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Fluke Dorothy
Walker 1st G. Prof 8/1/1918
Fluke Helen Frances
Walker Adv Normal 9/1/1912
Flynn Edna
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Flynn Ellen
Tobique 2nd Gr 8/1/1914
Fobes Josephine
Glyndon 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Folter Irene T.
Cass Lake Adv Nor. Diploma 8/1/1919
Foltz Anna Graves Boy River Limited 8/22/1957
Forbes Glee Winifred
Hackensack Lim Spec 8/1/1919
Forbes Ruth C.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Ford Lee L.
Federal Dam Adv Dip St Cloud 6/13/1906
Foster Mrs. Gettis
Pequot 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Frances Ida Faye
Backus Adv Standard 6/1/1934
Frank Lucille Elizabeth
Minneapolis L.E. Permit 8/13/1949
Franzen Lillie Josephine
Cass Lake U of M 6/12/1913
Frazier Amy
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1913
Frazier Grace A.
Long Prairie 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Friday Leona M.
Graff 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
Fromback Eunice K.
Whipholt E. L. 6/1/1938
Frost Helen A.
Backus Adv Diploma 7/23/1920
Furst Cecelia J.
Brainerd 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Gack Lydia

1st Gr 8/1/1926
Gaer Minerva Graham Sebeka Lim Emer 10/19/1943
Gagen Viola Josephine
Shevlin Bemidji TC 7/1/1936
Galbraith LeVant
Cass Lake Elem 7/1/1934
Galbraith Mrs. Myrtle Spickerman Pillager Adv Dip 11/25/1914
Gallagher Alice G.
Cass Lake 1st Gr 8/1/1918
Gallagher Mary
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Gallagher Pearl

Lim 8/1/1922
Gannon Gladys E.
Federal Dam Limited 8/1/1922
Gannon Kathleen
Cass Lake Adv Normal 8/1/1916
Gannon Mae
Sedan 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Ganz Luella E.
Backus St. Cloud T.C. 8/1/1938
Gatzke Alma
Staples 1st Common 7/1/1931
Gaworski Dorothy Schwarz Welcome Mankato TC 3/2/1946
Gerber Daphne Winifred

Spec Cert 8/1/1919
Gerrels Alma
Pillager Elem Lim 7/1/1930
Gerrels Anna E.
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1914
Gerrels Louise
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Gettis Mildred C.
Cass Lake
Gettis Rilla B.
Cass Lake

Gibbs Elsie Mary Sundemeyer Mildred El Limited 7/28/1948
Gibney Mary
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Gilbert James H.
Pine River El Limited 6/6/1935
Gilbertson Ruth Juliette
Pine River Teach Cert. 6/19/1919
Gilchrist Leah E. Walker
Faribault T.T.D. 1/3/1956
Gile Edith Esler Backus Wadena 9/10/1941
Gilman Cleo
Pequot Limited 8/1/1922
Gilmore Martha Brevik Brevik Bemidji S.T.C. 8/1/1918
Gilstad Annetta Ethel
Blackduck El Std 9/1/1929
Gleason Estella
Akeley 2nd class 8/1/1918
Godfrey Florence
Goeble Nellie T. Herrold Pequot 1st Class 8/1/1918
Goedderg Essie A. Wilson Brainerd 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Goff Laura C.
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1919
Good Abbie M.
Walker Spec Cert 8/1/1921
Goodall Julia M. Fougner Poplar 1st Class 8/1/1916
Goodman Theresa
Cass Lake 1st Class 6/25/1919
Goodrich Cora Etta
Pillager Limited 8/1/1921
Goplen Claire Esler Pillager El Limited 6/1/1935
Goplen Francis Lamb Motley Limited 8/1/1921
Goplen Goldie
Motley 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Goplen Hazel L.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Goplen Helen
Pine River El Limited 7/1/1930
Goplen Sylvia
Motley El Limited 8/1/1934
Gorder Dorothea Jacobson Staples Elem 7/1/1937
Gorenflo Alice Lucille
Cass Lake Diploma 7/24/1923
Gorenflo Ralph Frederick
Cass Lake St Gen 11/24/1933
Goss Martha G.
Cass Lake 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Goss Reinholdt M. Rau Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Goyette Mary JoAnn
St. Paul St. Catherine 6/12/1941
Graham Mary F.
Brainerd El Lim 7/1/1933
Granby Ardyce L. Goble Pequot Lakes Elem Limited Rural 6/1/1948
Granby Garnette Lee
Staples Limited Elem 7/13/1960
Granby Gay
Staples Elementary 5/4/1955
Granby Verdelle Eileen Goble Staples Elem Limited Rural 6/1/1949
Granger Edmund
Ellis Adv Nor 8/1/1916
Granger Gertrude
Leader 1st Class 8/1/1917
Granger Marcella E.
Leader El Lim 6/1/1936
Gravdahl Clarence
Pequot El Lim Rural 7/1/1932
Gray Lessie
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Green Agnes M.
Pillager El Lim Rural 7/1/1930
Green Agnes M.
Pillager St. Cloud T.C. 6/1/1950
Green Mrs. Blanche Bacon Ellis 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Greenside Benjamin R.
Cass Lake Limited 8/1/1922
Greenside Frank Eugene
Cass Lake Spec Ag 8/1/1927
Greenside Winifred J.
Cass Lake no data 8/25/1917
Greer Dora
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Greer Hannah
Pine River 2nd Gr Prof 8/1/1916
Greer Nora
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Gregory Mary Magdelena Ells Backus Adv Nor. Diploma 6/4/1914
Gregory Walter F.
Backus College Adv Course 3/7/1913
Greiner Lloyd E.
Cass Lake Spec Cert - Valparaiso 8/1/1920
Grife Anna L.
Ball Club 2nd Cl 8/1/1923
Grife Velma M.
Ball Club
Grimm Leila I.
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Grinager Manda C.
Grindall Anna
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Grinols Violet
Brainerd Prof College 8/1/1920
Grover Anna G.
Federal Dam Lim 8/1/1924
Grover Charlotte
Federal Dam
Grundy Rose Cowdery Pine River Elem 7/1/1953
Guida Mrs. Althea Paen Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1911
Guin Beatrice

1st Gr 8/1/1923
Gulseth Hannah Annett
Mildred Adv Nor 11/27/1918
Gunderson Rachel Warble
St. Cloud T.C. 10/29/1940
Gunderson Thea Lundrigan Pine River Bemidji T.C. 7/1/1940
Haacke Lila E.

El Lim 7/1/1933
Haaland Agnes Nellie
Backus E Standard 3/8/1935
Haberman Lucie M.
Walker El Lim 6/1/1935
Hacker R. Lillian
Backus Per Spec Cert 8/1/1921
Hagen Muril
Pequot Lakes E.L. 6/1/1940
Hagen Rosa M.
Motley Sp 2nd Class 8/1/1918
Hagerty Bernice I.
Cass Lake 1st Gr Prof 8/1/1919
Hagg Gertrude A.
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Hagg Grace Albrant Minneapolis 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Haiwick Della R. Morrill Federal Dam Elem 8/8/1956
Hall Estella Gleason Remer 2nd Gr 8/1/1928
Hall Genevieve Eckes Motley El Lim 7/1/1934
Hall Josie Kathleen
Backus El Diploma 6/9/1914
Hallberg Jeannette Staugan Northern States El Lim 11/11/1946
Halvorson Mathea
Rockdale, WI 1st Gr 8/1/1915
Halvorson Victor E.
Remer 1st Gr - Luther College 8/1/1921
Ham Verna Pattison
E.L. 8/12/1939
Hamari Clarion Virgil
Pine River St. Cloud T.C. 7/1/1953
Hambue Hazel E.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Hamilton Charles
Hackensack Kansas S.T.C. 3/1/1949
Hamman Stella Rice Backus 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Hammar Manti
Cohasset 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Hammond Bessie S.
Walker L.E. Permit 12/29/1943
Hampl Mabel Frances
Tenstrike Diploma - Bemidji 6/4/1925
Hamrin Joy

1st Gr Prof Hamline 8/1/1921
Hanks Lulu G.
Backus Lim 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
Hanley Lenore Torgerson Staples 2nd Gr Rural 9/15/1943
Hanley Ruth
Staples Lim Cert 9/1/1926
Hansen Gladys M.

1st class 8/1/1920
Hansen Laura
Motley Limited 8/1/1916
Hanson Alden
Walker El Lim 7/3/1931
Hanson Alice E.
Walker 2nd Gr Prof 8/1/1926
Hanson Edith Severen Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Hanson Evelyn Angela Jackson Benedict E.S. 6/6/1941
Hanson Gretchen
Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Hanson Lillian
Staples 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Hanson Mabel
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1921
Hanson Mabel Leila
Cass Lake Adv Nor - Duluth 7/27/1917
Hanson Murrel Waldeness Backus 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Hanson Norma
Pillager Normal Diploma 8/1/1924
Hanson Ragna
Walker 2nd Gr. 8/1/1926
Hanson Ruthven
Benedict 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Hanson Selma L.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Hanson Stella M.
Backus Adv Nor Diploma 7/27/1917
Harbo Alf
Pine River 1st Gr Prof 8/1/1921
Hard Walter M.

Superior W.S.C. 7/1/1954
Harder Myrn A.
Pequot El Lim Rural 6/1/1937
Hargrave Agnes L.
Pillager El Lim 7/1/1932
Hargrave Pauline F.
Pillager 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Haris Ina Esther
Pillager Tchr Cert U of M 8/1/1918
Harmer Ruth F.
Leader 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Harrington Dorothy M.
Hackensack El Lim Rural 6/1/1934
Harrington Laura Draheim Cass Lake Adv Course 8/1/1923
Harrington Olive M.
Swatara Lim 8/1/1920
Harris Harriet Margaret

Adv Dip, Duluth 8/1/1919
Harris Jennie I.
Brainerd wn Class 8/1/1916
Hart Lottie M. Nilsson Backus El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Hart Sophie
Remer no data
Harthan Mildred Anderson Cohasset E.L. 11/19/1942
Harthan Wilma Sweet Ball Club E.L. 9/1/1942
Hartley C. E.
Cohasset 2nd Class 8/1/1922
Hartman Barbara
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1922
Hartman Frances R.
Staples El Lim 7/1/1933
Harvego Lyda L.
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Harvego Rose E.
Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1922
Harvey Ruth Dorathee
Hackensack El Lim 6/1/1935
Haugen Lowell Theodore

Bemidji S.T.C. 6/7/1949
Hawker Frederick
Hackensack Winona State T.C. 3/1/1950
Hawkinson Vera
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Hawlish Lillian K.
Ansel 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Hayes Dorothy Jane
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Hayes William Harold
Backus Adv Diploma 7/26/1916
Hedderly Frances
Hackensack 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Hedlund Hildur
Pine River El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Hedman Anna B.
Guthrie 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Hedman Elvera
Boy River Sp Lim 8/1/1919
Hedman Selma A.
Guthrie Lim 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Hedquist Ida Marie
Walker Tea. Cert 8/1/1919
Heffron Helen M.
Walker Adv - River Falls, WI 8/1/1920
Hefte Clara

1st Gr. 8/1/1927
Hegge Agnes
Walker Indust Cert 8/1/1920
Hegstad Nora A.
Pillager Diploma St. Cloud 6/1/1922
Heilig Verona P.
Backus Mankato State T.C. 8/1/1915
Heinen Hildegarde
Backus Diploma St. Cloud 11/24/1920
Heins Lloyd S.
Walker B.A. Hamline U. 8/1/1920
Heitman Bessie M.
Cass Lake Lim Spec 8/1/1917
Heland Francis
Pillager Norm Diploma 8/1/1925
Helgeson Bertha M.
Pine River Lim 8/1/1920
Helgoe Alma
Cass Lake Diploma Valley City 8/1/1921
Helland Elizabeth J.

1st Class 8/1/1920
Helland Eva

1st Class 8/1/1921
Helland Olga E.
Cass Lake El Lim Rural 7/1/1931
Hemphill Bernice T. Seelye Motley 1st Class 8/1/1917
Henderson Amelia Russo virginia U.M.D. 8/1/1940
Hendrickson Ethel
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Henley Dorothy
Ellis 2nd Gr 8/1/1927
Henrikson Edith
Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Henry Helen A.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Henry Pearl M. Anderson Walker E. L. 8/1/1926
Hensel Ella Moe

1st Gr 8/1/1926
Henwood Fae L.
Motley 1st Class 8/1/1922
Henwood G. Maybelle
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Henwood Violet Waite Pequot 1st Class 8/1/1919
Herbst Esther Phyllis
Remer El Cert 8/1/1921
Hermes Theodore
Remer Bemidji T.C. 8/1/1922
Hickman Wilber E.
Pine River Morningside College 7/1/1953
Hicks Mabel A. Nylund Remer Sp Cert 8/1/1920
Hicks William C.
Cass Lake Ind Cert 8/1/1916
Hill James E.
Hackensack Specal Vet Training 7/1/1947
Hill Mrs. Rena C.
Pine River El Dipl 8/1/1922
Hillberg Selma
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Hiller Mary M.
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Hinds Audrey Tollefson Backus Elem 7/1/1930
Hinshaw Beulah B.
Boy River William Penn College 8/1/1908
Hirt Eva
Cass Lake El Dip 6/9/1914
Hjelm Jennie Caroline

St Cert 6/21/1938
Hjelm Ruth A.
Boy River 2nd Gr 8/1/1923
Hofer Adair

2nd Gr 3/22/1923
Hoff Avery B.
Backus Augsburg College 6/1/1949
Hoff Marcella Larson Backus E.L. Rural 9/3/1946
Hoff Olof G.
Pequot Augsburg College 7/1/1938
Hoffa Loris M.
Pequot El Lim 7/1/1931
Hoffa Marian
Pequot El Lim 6/6/1934
Holden Theo Bossom
Backus E.L. 8/1/1927
Holderbecker Charlotte
Laporte 1st Cl; 8/1/1918
Hole Erva Elmere
Cass Lake El Standard 11/29/1933
Holeman Elsie M.
Backus 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Holes M. Claire Kline Pine River Sp Cert 8/1/1918
Hollister Gretchen E.
Staples E.L. 9/12/1939
Hollister Irene
Tobique Sp Lim 8/1/1918
Holm Vina
Remer Sp El Cert 8/1/1920
Holmberg Edith
Walker Diploma 8/1/1925
Holmberg Ella C.
Backus Sp Lim 8/1/1918
Holmberg Ida R.
Backus No cert 8/22/1918
Holt Inga
Tobique Lim 8/1/1920
Hood Edith
Cas Lake Adv Nor. St. Cloud 11/24/1915
Hoover Ella
Mildred El Limited 7/1/1933
Hopen Lila A.
Walker Elem Lim. 7/1/1939
Horn Earl Thomas
Longville Adv Dip 6/2/1926
Hornbeck Helen
Cass Lake Nor Dip 6/6/1916
Horst Nina Beach Walker 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Horton Gene Elizabeth Rogers
Bemidji T.C. 6/4/1942
Horton Katherine Olds Backus 1st Gr Carleton 8/1/1913
Houg Cora A.
Pine River El Lim Rural 7/6/1932
Houg Opal
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Hough Bell V.
Brainerd Sp Lim 8/1/1919
Hough Carlton
Bena 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Houghtaling Belle J.
Mildred no data 8/24/1923
House Mrs. Esther
Boy River no data 9/1/1921
Hoveland Agnes Nellie
Backus E St. 3/8/1935
Hoveland Alma N.
Leader 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Hoveland Arthur C.
Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Huber Clara A.
Shakopee 1st Class 8/1/1914
Huddle Beatrice L.
Whipholt El Lim Rural 7/1/1931
Hudson Lotta Conner Backus Nor - St. Louis, Mo 8/1/1916
Huff Erma
Staples Lim Cert 8/1/1919
Huff Leonore
Staples El Limit 7/1/1932
Huffman Ralph W.
Pine River 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Huie Anna L.
Walker 1st Gr Prof 8/1/1921
Hultgren Alta L.
Hackensack 1st Gr 7/31/1929
Hunt Ella
Oshawa 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Hunt Gerald
Bemidji Bemidji State T.C. 6/1/1948
Hunter Agnes
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Hunter Mayme
Motley El Lim 6/1/1935
Hurley Angela G.
Cass Lake Adv Nor 11/28/1917
Hursh Kathryn
Sebeka 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Hurtig Jennie A. Murray Pequot Lakes St. Cloud T.C. 7/1/1928
Husher Edwin G.
Pillager Sp Cert 8/1/1919
Hylen C. Florence
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Hylen Hannah M.
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Ingalls Mary Esther

Bemidji T.C. 8/26/1949
Ingraham Carrie
Pine River 1st Gr Common 8/1/1928
Irving James Alfred
Hackensack Supt Certificate 7/22/1936
Isaacson Ellen Agnes Rose Bena Duluth T.C. 6/24/1929
Ittner Alice G.
Cass Lake Adv Dip Bemidji 8/1/1927
Jackson Agnes S. Britton Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Jackson Ruth A.
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1923
James Gertrude D.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
James Irma Orel Bickford Menahga Elem 6/15/1961
Janchick Mayme Rose

St. Cloud T.C. 6/7/1941
Jeffrey Margaret
Cohasset 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Jensen Eleanora C
Leader 2nd Gr 8/1/1916
Jensen Elsie E. Thayer Leader 1st Class 8/1/1917
Jensen Gladys T.
Cohasset 1st Class 8/1/1917
Jensen Laurence
Pine River Indust Cert 8/1/1924
Jenson Alma
Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Jewell Aleta
Pine River E.L. 6/1/1943
Jewell Alice G.
Pine River E.L. 6/1/1942
Jewell John C.
Walker El Lim Rural 7/1/1931
Jewell Paul D.
Walker 1st Gr Limit 8/1/1925
Johnson Alfrie Dorothea Hagglund Ely Elem 7/1/1957
Johnson Arthur L.W.
Pine River Indust Cert 8/1/1920
Johnson Blanche E.
Leader 2nd Gr 8/1/1925
Johnson Carl S.
Pine River El Lim Rural 6/6/1934
Johnson Ellen
Laporte 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Johnson Ellen Anderberg Staples 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Johnson Emma Caroline
Hackensack B.S. - U of M 7/1/1934
Johnson Emma Jean Cage Graff Adv Nor Diploma 6/13/1902
Johnson Emma K.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1916
Johnson Ervin
Pequot El Lim 7/1/1929
Johnson Esther Anderson Remer 1st 8/1/1923
Johnson Estrid M.
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1931
Johnson Ethel Marie
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Johnson Evelynn Bendson Motley El Lim 7/1/1941
Johnson Freda
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Johnson Hildur L.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Johnson Josephine M.
Aitkin 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Johnson Lester W.
Hackensack 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Johnson Lila E.
Backus 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Johnson Lillie G.
Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Johnson Lily Theodora
Cohasset 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Johnson M. Mabel
Federal Dam Nor School 8/1/1917
Johnson Mary Adeline
Pine River U of M 7/1/1953
Johnson Minnie
Akeley 2nd 8/1/1922
Johnson Mrs. Margaret A.

Bemidji State T.C. 6/7/1949
Johnson Rosa Wold Poplar E.L. 7/1/1929
Johnson Roy

Johnson Spray
Graff 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Johnson Vern M.
Menahga Bemidji State T.C. 8/1/1950
Johnston Hazel E.
Federal Dam 1st Cl 6/7/1920
Jones Alma Helen

Adv Dip 6/3/1920
Jones Arlene Anderson Pine River L. E. Rural 8/19/1946
Jones Corwin A.
Cass Lake E. S. 6/7/1933
Jones Olive M.
Pequot Diploma 6/5/1924
Jorgensen Clara
Hackensack Adv Diploma 11/28/1923
Kafstad Gunhild Rothnem Pine River E.L. 8/5/1949
Kahl Ley Miller
N.D. Agric College 7/1/1952
Kalbfleisch Maryellen
Cass Lake E.S. 6/6/1940
Kaliher Irene Frances
Elk River St. Cloud T.C. 6/3/1925
Kater Dorothy
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Kater Leota
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Kaufmann Martin T.
Walker Adv. Diploma 3/2/1917
Kellet Mildred Louise Grife Pine River Hamline Univ 7/1/1942
Kelley Charles
Akeley 1st Gr 8/1/1913
Kelley Rose J.
Shovel Lake 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Kelly Charles A.
Akeley 1st Gr 8/1/1913
Kelly Elizabeth Thorne Akeley

Kelly Margaret F.
St. Paul 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Kelm Carol Viola
Stillwater Winona S.T.C. 6/7/1940
Kendall Verda R.

1st Cl 8/1/1919
Kenny Marie Jenson Shovel Lake 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Kenworthy Nora
Kenyon Nellie M.
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1919
Keseberg Evelyn G. Anderson Pine River El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Kimball Margaret Ann Wilson Deer River Duluth S.T.C. 7/1/1941
Kindseth Austrid G.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1916
King Beatrice
Hackensack 1st Gr 8/1/1927
King Laura C.

1st Gr 8/1/1922
Kinney Carrie M. Briggs Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Kirkeby Olga
Pillager Moorhead 7/21/1916
Kirkemo Lena Lone
Ball Club 2nd Cl 8/1/1915
Kirkpatrick William W.
Champlin Prof 1st Gr 2/10/1915
Kitto Mintie
Cass Lake Superior 8/1/1918
Kleen Don I.

E.L. 6/1/1940
Kleen Elsie

El Lim Rural 6/1/1940
Kleen Virginia R. Chapin
E.L. 7/1/1940
Klennert Irene E. Gooden
E.L. 6/1/1938
Kleppence Mary J.
Brainerd E.L. Rural 8/11/1945
Kleven Donald A.
Cass Lake no data 9/1/1921
Klubey Claudia Kennon
E.L. Rural 9/14/1948
Klumb Hugo G.
Pine River Diploma 9/1/1923
Knapper Alice Erickson
1st Gr 8/1/1918
Knopf Luella Gans Backus E.L. Rural 6/6/1932
Knowles Katherine H.
Cass Lake U of M 6/20/1918
Knutson Marie Smith Backus Moorhead T.C. 8/1/1938
Knutson Marie V.
Pine River El Lim 6/1/1938
Knutson Mayme
Remer E.L. 7/1/1932
Kolbe Lydia
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Kolfad Paul E.
Bemidji Bemidji T.C. 6/7/1934
Koll Irene D.
Backus St. Scholastica 9/24/1934
Konigsmark Victor Lester
Walker Ind Cert 8/1/1919
Koppenberg Rachel Huffman
2nd Cl 8/1/1922
Kozel Mary
Kraklau Dora P.
Brainerd El Limited 8/1/1938
Kramer Frances P. Rhoades Backus Limited 8/1/1922
Kriebs Josephine
Hackensack El Lim 7/1/1933
Kriegh Soo
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Krueger Mollie Aronson Walker

Kulla Lena
Jenkins no data 3/9/1917
Kunkelman Amanda M.
Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Kunkelman D. J.
Deer River Ohio Wesleyan U. 8/1/1922
Kyllingstad Mardelle

E. L. 6/1/1940
Ladd May
Sebeka 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
LaFond Loretta C.
Marble St. Cloud T.C. 6/5/1936
Lambert Pearl L.

no data 8/24/1923
Lamport Fern E.
Hackensack Bemidji T.C. 7/26/1929
Landberg Helene Hynes
U of Illinois 8/28/1948
Landberg Louis Leonard
Walker Univ Cert U of M 6/20/1918
Landberg Mrs. Gustava Howard Walker Diploma Mankato 8/1/1919
Lang Grace Adell
Pine River Home Ec U of M 6/2/1911
Lang Leo M.

1st Gr 8/1/1922
Langland Burnette Eide
Pine River L.E. Rural 1/2/1948
Langowski Magaret Kuehmickel Pequot 1st Class 8/1/1920
Langvick Mina M.
Walker Adv. Normal Diploma 6/3/1910
LaPage Leona
Cass Lake El Lim 6/6/1934
Lapham Alma
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Larreau Helen
Valley City, ND 2nd Gr 8/1/1916
Larson Alice
Brainerd 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Larson Alice Plough Bena Bemidji T.C. 6/2/1945
Larson Alice J.
Cass Lake St. Cloud 3/3/1916
Larson Allan Lester
Backus U of M 6/1/1941
Larson Doris Raboin Boy River Limit 8/1/1922
Larson Edith Dorothy
Northfield Carlton College 8/1/1918
Larson Edith M.
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Larson Edythe E.
Walker Diploma 11/23/1921
Larson Esther J.
Staples 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Larson Evelyn

no data
Larson Gerda
Pillager Adv. Diploma 6/7/1917
Larson Ida Marie
Staples 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Larson Minnie W.
Staples 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Larson Nervin, Mrs.
Longville no data
Larson Nettie
Minneapolis U. of M. 6/10/1915
Lauer Theodore H.
Longville 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Lauritzon Ruth Mary
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1933
Lawrence Helen G.
Pine River St. Cloud TC 6/4/1935
Leach Douglas R.
Boy River Bemidji State T.C. 8/16/1949
Lee Frances
Walker 2nd Gr
Lee Lillian J.
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Leef Francis
Pine River 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Leef Henryetta
Pine River El Lim 6/1/1935
Lehman Hattie E.
Pine River U Cert 8/1/1920
Leider Mildred B.
Ah-gwah-ching, Mn. 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Leith Barbara

Leith Grace L.
Motley El Lim 6/6/1932
Lembke Lucille L.
Pine River 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Lembke Sophia P.
Walker El Lim 7/1/1929
Leonard Lucy A.
Minneapolis Ind Cert - Stout 8/1/1916
Lester Lillian
Shovel Lake 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Leverington Elwin
Pine River E.L. 6/1/1942
Leverington Erma I.
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1933
Leverington Inez Montgomery Pine River E.L. 6/1/1943
Leverington Vera L.
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1932
Lewis Bertha
Sebeka No Cert 8/18/1920
Lichtenberger J. Francis
Mildred St. Cloud Normal 6/5/1918
Liedl Eleanor J.
Walker U of M 8/1/1919
Lilliencrantz Celinda
Boy River 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Lillquist Irene Barbara
Cass Lake Bemidji T.C. 9/14/1942
Lind Hazel D.
Remer Sp Cert 8/1/1916
Linden Aileen B.
Pine River El Lim 6/6/1932
Linden Elva C. Case Motley 1st Gr 4/9/1929
Linden Maurice J.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Lipke Esther L.
Pine River Adv Normal 8/1/1923
Lloyd Marie Irene
Remer 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Logan Celia Marie
Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Lokken Harry M.
Hackensack Indust 6/3/1920
Lone Jorgen
Ball Club Lim 2nd 8/1/1917
Lonn Rose
Hackensack 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Lonson Agnes L.
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Lorber Alice Adams Staples El Lim. 7/1/1930
Lorenzen Theresia F.
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Lovejoy Cecelia
Hastings River Falls Normal 8/1/1917
Loween Lorraine E. Peterson Sebeka E.L. 11/3/1949
Lowell Kate C.
Verndale 2nd Gr 8/1/1914
Lowell Mrs. Kate C.
Minneapolis 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Luiten Mildred I.
Poplar El Lim 7/1/1932
Lund Annie
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Lund Erma Lucile Kleven Brainerd St. Cloud T.C. 6/1/1922
Lund Mabel
Pillager Moorhead 6/11/1914
Lund Mrs. Robert

Lund Violet

Moorhead S.T.C. 6/5/1924
Lundgren Lorraine A.
Lundrigan Thea Gunderson Pine River Bemidji T.C. 4/29/1954
Lydick Dorothy
Cass Lake Bemidji TC 6/7/1930
Lynch Mabel C.
Brainerd 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Lyons Frances Beverly
Duluth Duluth State 6/6/1941
Lyons Leona Anderson Bena Bemidji TC 12/9/1947
Mack Jean
Bozeman, MT Macalaster 6/8/1942
Mack Mildred Marie

Bemidji TC 7/19/1940
MacPhee Lulu Mapes Boy River 2nd 8/1/1920
Madden Grace A.
Pine River Spec cert 8/1/1920
Magandy Gwendolyn Ella
Pillager Spec Cert 8/1/1920
Magelssen Marie L.
Walker El Course 6/3/1921
Maguire Ina P.
Brainerd 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Mahoney Margaret G.
Bena 1st Class 8/1/1920
Malm P. V.
Hackensack Northern Illinois 10/26/1942
Malmquist Esther C.
Remer El Course - Bemidji 7/22/1921
Malone Anna

1st Cl 8/1/1917
Manlove Kathryn
Park Rapids
Mann Elsie L. Jennings
1st Cl 8/1/1919
Mann Esther
Cass Lake E.L. Rural 5/26/1944
Manning Dolores Ann Ackerson Staples Prev. Appr. 11/5/1963
Marburger Sina
Shovel Lake 2nd Gr 8/1/1923
Marsh Margaret
Foxhome Adv. Diploma 11/24/1920
Martin Alma E.
Pillager 1st Gr 10/11/1924
Martin Blanche Kumbrell Staples E.L. Rural 9/7/1948
Martin Donald Wayne
Pine River St. Gen 6/7/1934
Martin Effie M.
Boy River Spec Lim 8/1/1919
Martin Florence Peterson Pillager Bemidji T.C. 6/3/1926
Martin Maud Minnich Pine River Dip - Cedar Falls 8/1/1920
Mason Adelaide Diane
Hackensack Macalaster 6/1/1924
Mason Eunice Pearson Minneapolis H.Ec Cert 6/20/1919
Mathews Myrtle
Backus El Lim 7/1/1935
Matson Edith M.G.
Duluth Adv. Course 8/1/1921
Matthews Edna M.
Poplar E.L. Rural 6/1/1935
Mattson Tuni
Cass Lake Adv. Diploma Duluth 7/27/1917
Mayfield Clara Etta
Pillager Spec Lim 8/1/1918
Mayfield Ida
Pine River Rural 8/1/1920
McAllister Blanche
Pine River E.L. Rural 6/6/1934
McCabe Charlotte Mae
Bena Duluth TC 8/1/1919
McCabe Margaret
Mildred El Limited 7/1/1930
McCaffrey Helen Cochrane Brainerd U of M 4/8/1942
McCaffrey Helen C.
Backus U of M 8/1/1926
McCallum Grace
Backus Permit 8/1/1916
McClimek Mrs. Hazel
Bena Walker T. Training 8/1/1945
McCormick Elmer Emil
Bemidji Bemidji State 6/6/1941
McCusker Nina
Walker 2nd Gr Prof 8/1/1926
McDonald Frances
Pillager Dipl - Superior 8/1/1917
McDonald Katherine
Federal Dam Adv. Nor - St. Cloud 6/6/1916
McGuckin Belle
Cass Lake Adv Diploma Mankato 7/24/1914
McKeig Mabel Frances Hampl Federal Dam Bemidji TC 8/1/1927
McKennett Norita
Raboin 1st Gr 8/1/1929
McKIinney Ethel
Minneapolis 2nd Cl 8/1/1915
McKinnon Nona B. Cosner Shovel Lake 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
McNames Lillian Gustafson Backus Northern Illinois 9/1/1942
McNames Lillian B. Gustafson Backus N.I.S. Normal 6/1/1915
McNelly Cletus LeRoy
Bemidji Bemidji State 7/1/1947
McPhee Jane R.
Sebeka Spec Cert 8/1/1922
McPherson Ervin A.
Walker Diploma 6/3/1921
McQueen Jessie
Pine River Spec Cert 8/1/1917
Mea Mabel G.
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Mealey Cleo Hanser Walker Public Sch Nurse 6/27/1962
Melby Thora K.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1914
Mellon Jennie P.
Hackensack 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Mentzer Merleen Moritz Hackensack Nebraska State T.C. 8/1/1942
Metcalf Mary Marvin

Valley City TC 1/6/1939
Metzer Leola B.
Longville 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Metzer Maude
Remer 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Metzer Verna O.
Remer No cert 8/30/1919
Metzer Victoria Clark Inguadona 2nd Gr 8/1/1916
Meyer H. H.
Pillager Diploma 6/11/1917
Michael Annie T.
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Michelson Hilma
Cass Lake 1st Gr 8/1/1929
Michelson Lembie
Raboin 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Michener Gladys Ferrell Poplar North Dakota TC 9/14/1943
Michener Gladys D. Finley
1st Gr 6/14/1927
Mickelson Otto Everett M.
Pine River Bemidji College 7/1/1954
Mikulski John S.

E. L. 7/1/1939
Miller Ada Lincoln
Mildred 1st Gr 8/1/1921
Miller Alton Richard
Pine River St. Cloud T.C. 8/27/1954
Miller Carl A.

El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Miller Edith Larson Pequot Lakes E.L. Rural 2/1/1944
Miller Ethel R.
Motley 2nd Class 8/1/1917
Miller Fern E. Lamport Hackensack Bemidji T.C. 7/26/1929
Miller Lillian
Graff 1s Class 8/1/1922
Miller Luneman J.
Walker Sp Cert 8/1/1924
Miller Maude
Pequot 2nd Class 8/1/1919
Miller Rose J.
Remer 1st Class 8/1/1918
Mills Minna Feierabend Cyphers 1st Class 8/1/1920
Minor Nellie I
Cass Lake 1st Gr Nor Diploma 8/1/1908
Mitchell Mabel Sheppard Oshawa Spec Lim 8/1/1918
Mittelholtz Herman Peter
Munich, ND Bemidji TC 3/27/1935
Mitton Mrs. Eunice A. Ramsey Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1912
Mix Enid L. Pence Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1915
Mix Marian Christine

Bemidji T.C. 7/19/1940
Mix Rubena Bluhm Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Moe Elsie
Hackensack B.A. Concordia 8/1/1927
Moe Martin P.
Pillager Adv. N. Diploma 6/9/1915
Moe Mrs. Hattie Van Phee Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1916
Mohler Angeletta G.
Cass Lake El Lim Rural 6/1/1935
Monahan Lucy T.
Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Monette Grace
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Monger Elmera
Oshawa 1st Gr. 8/1/1921
Monson Marcella
Cass Lake Moorhead T.C. 7/1/1937
Montgomery Helene M.
Cyphers 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Montgomery Lulu
Backus H.Ec Spec Cert 8/1/1916
Moore Violet
Boy River no cert
Moorhouse Clara
Cohasset 1st 8/1/1921
Morgan Lucy Herbert
E.L. Rural 9/1/1948
Morneau Leon G.
Boy River Lim 8/1/1923
Morrell Della E.
LaPorte 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Morrill Ellen M,
Benedict Lim Spec 8/1/1917
Morrill Lorna
Benedict Lim 8/1/1916
Morrill Ruth
Boy River Spec Lim 8/1/1918
Morrow Vera E.
Backus Lim 8/1/1918
Mortenson Helen Blanche
Verndale El Lim 7/1/1932
Mossefin Margaret Olivia
Cass Lake St Teach Diploma 6/2/1922
Mostrom Jennie
Hackensack Lim 2nd Class 8/1/1918
Moulster Blanche A.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Mowatt Jessie
Backus 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Muller Ruth Alice

St. Cloud T.C. 6/7/1929
Mullins Marie A.

1st Class 8/1/1919
Murphy Lucille
Cass Lake Prof - Col St Catherine 8/1/1920
Murray Erma Irene
Pequot Life Cert 6/7/1929
Musick Maude A.
Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Muyers Josephine W.
Myers Gladys Myrtle
Boy River St. Olaf College 6/1/1938
Narkie Ima
Boy River no cert 8/23/1916
Nason Rosa C.
Pequot 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Needham Mrs. Margaret
Tobique 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Neill Nellie DeLany Federal Dam Principal's Certificate 7/1/1929
Neilsen Margaret Johnson Verndale El Lim 8/29/1936
Neises Ruth E. Grindall Walker Bemidji T.C. 7/1/1929
Neises Ruth Eleanor
Nelson Carl O.
Backus 1st Gr 6/18/1905
Nelson Dorothy

E.L. 6/1/1940
Nelson Edna E.
Staples 1st Class 8/1/1921
Nelson Edna E.
Backus Hamline U. 8/1/1928
Nelson Flossie
Grant 1st Class 8/1/1916
Nelson Flossie Loretta
Newport St. Cloud T.C. 7/17/1936
Nelson Franc Madge Dewey Crosby 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Nelson Grace Peterson Boy River Augsburg College 7/1/1942
Nelson Hannah C.
Graff no data 9/1/1921
Nelson Irene Jones Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1922
Nelson John Alfred
Pine River Gustavus Adolphus 8/1/1916
Nelson Lydia J.
Graff 1st Class 8/1/1917
Nelson Mae L.
Pillager Sp Teach H.S. 8/1/1921
Nelson Marjorie Denice

Bemidji T.C. 7/19/1940
Nelson Mildred R.
Remer U of M 8/1/1919
Nelson Ruth Lillien
Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1919
Nelson Wilford Royal, Jr.
Cass Lake Principal's Certificate 8/29/1931
Ness Trena L.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Neururer Mrs. Margaret
Federal Dam St. Cloud T.C. 8/1/1928
Neutzman Helga B. Boe
Bemidji S.T.C. 7/1/1946
Newcombe Ilene A.
Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Newkirk Delbert
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Newkirk Irva Wetherbee Pillager El.Lim. 8/26/1947
Newman Ina Butler Backus 2nd Gr 9/1/1907
Newman Ina Butler Backus 2nd Gr 1/5/1920
Newman Rosalie Marie
Backus El Stand 7/25/1930
Newman Stella M. Seaton Verndale Life Diploma 7/31/1926
Nichols Beulah Hemphill Motley El Lim Rural 6/6/1932
Nichols Elizabeth Day Pine River U of M 6/8/1916
Nicholson Mary Lou
Walker Decorah Iowa 8/1/1942
Nicholson Mary O.
Niedzielski Clement A.

Nielsen Margaret B. Johnson Poplar El 7/1/1933
Nielson Frances Elizabeth
Nevis E.L. 9/14/1942
Nies Virginia Dorothy
Hackensack Elem Limited 6/7/1939
Nies Wendel Louis
Pillager Adv. Princ. 8/1/1920
Nilsson Lottie

1st Gr Rural 8/1/1936
Nistler Leo A.
Federal Dam E.L. 6/1/1942
Noble Mary Viola
Cass Lake 1st Gr 6/7/1920
Nolan Bertha
Cass Lake E.S.S. 7/18/1942
Nordeen Edith E.
Pillager Diploma 3/5/1926
Nordine Edith M.
Dassel 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Norgard Gladys Byersdorfer Walker El Rural 12/28/1943
Norman Gladys May
Pine River E.L. 6/1/1943
Norstrom Ernest G.
Pine River Macalester College 8/1/1918
Norton Hugh V.
Cyphers Lim 2nd Gr 8/1/1914
Norton Mary Ann
Cyphers El Rural 8/1/1928
Norton Minera
Stillwater 1st Gr 8/1/1915
Norwood Elizabeth Miller
1st Gr 8/1/1926
Nygren Ruth E.
Poplar 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Nylund Mabel A.
Remer St. Cloud 6/6/1916
Oberg Walda
Hackensack Adv. Diploma 7/23/1920
Oberley Elma G.
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1921
O'Brien Margaret Beto Swatara 2nd Gr 9/2/1943
Odenwaller Ethel
Pine River Adv Diploma 10/24/1920
Odor Madge
Brainerd E.L. 7/1/1940
Odson Mathilda
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1916
Ohman Marian

1st Grade 8/1/1923
O'Keefe Mary
Manvel, ND 1st Class 8/1/1917
Oldfather Orville Hensley
Walker Elem Cert 8/1/1921
O'Leary Grace
Cass Lake no data
Oleson Margaret O.
Pequot El Lim 7/1/1931
Oleson Marguerite
Longville 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Oleson Rose Carlson Pequot 1st Grade 9/1/1906
Oleson Ruth C.
Pequot El Lim 7/1/1933
Olin Ethel I
Shovel Lake 1st Class 8/1/1919
Olin Hulda K.
Philbrook 1st Gr. 10/29/1946
Oliphant Elizabeth Dahl Motley El Lim 6/1/1935
Oliphant Jane
Staples El Lim 7/1/1931
Oliver Raymond Bennett Walker Bemidji T.C. 7/1/1948
O'Loughlin Isabelle
Hackensack 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Olsen Stella J.
Pequot Limited 8/1/1920
Olson Anna
Pine River E. Lim 8/1/1933
Olson Bernice Berry Walker E.L. 9/8/1942
Olson Dagfred J.
Backus Univ Cert 6/1/1924
Olson Dorothy L.
Pine River El Lim 6/6/1934
Olson Florence G.
Cass Lake U of M 11/9/1914
Olson Gusta
Brainerd 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Olson Helen C.

El Lim 8/5/1938
Olson Kristine Pederson Pine River 2nd Gr 8/1/1915
Olson Lenora Peterson Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Olson Loris Hoffa
E.S. 6/1/1939
Olson Marie Wick Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Olson Ruth O.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Olson Sylvia
Benedict Limt 8/1/1917
Olson Winifred Stinson Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Olszewski Alvin Adam
Longville LaCrosse T.C. 6/18/1946
Orcutt Leon M.
Boy River Univ of Maine 6/1/1924
Oredalen Olina
Walker U of M 8/1/1918
Ortman Mldred
Pine River Nor Sch 8/1/1919
Osen Helene Montgomery Leech Lake 2nd Cla 8/1/1922
Ostby Melvin
Argisville, ND B.S.
Osterberg Florence M.G.
Pillager Diploma 6/5/1918
Padden Mary
Pillager Nor Diploma 8/1/1920
Padgham Mabel Dugas Federal Dam E. L. 8/1/1914
Palmer Annie
Backus Adv Diploma 8/1/1914
Palmer Thelma
Leader E.L. Rural 6/1/1938
Papke Andrew John
Pine River Gustavus Adolphus 7/1/1953
Papke Dolores Idell Thordson
Mankato S.T.C. 7/1/1953
Parke Mrs. Ruby
Laporte St. Cloud 8/1/1951
Parker Dorothy June
Pillager Diploma 6/3/1925
Parker Louisa Thornton Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Parker Sidney
Boy River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Parks Daisy I
Longville 1st Common 8/1/1927
Parks Verna Ann
Remer Adv Diploma 3/8/1918
Parshall Eleanor
Bena 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Parsons Ethel Marie
Pillager 1st Class 8/1/1918
Parsons Eva
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Patten Amy
Swatara Sp Lim 8/1/1918
Pattison Vane A.
Hackensack Supt Certificate 7/18/1958
Patton Dorothy Isabelle
Cass Lake U of M 6/20/1918
Paul Blanche
Pine River E.L. Rural 5/3/1946
Paulsberg Alma
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1915
Paulsberg Jennie
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1912
Paulson Alta Mae
Verndale Adv Course 7/1/1928
Paulson Mable Vivian
Leader El St 6/1/1933
Paulson Vernice
Poplar 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Pearson Roger Dean
Boy River Bemidji S.T.C. 7/1/1955
Pedersen Agnes
Pine River 2nd Gr 8/1/1915
Pedersen Alfhild J.
Pine River 2nd Gr 8/1/1917
Pedersen Elfrida S.
Pine River 1st Class 8/1/1916
Pederson Annie J.
Laporte 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Pederson C. A.
Cass Lake Lutheran - Decorah 8/1/1917
Pederson Christopher A.
Cass Lake Prof 8/1/1917
Pederson Kristine
Pine River 2nd Gr 8/25/1917
Peet Bethel A. Dewald Staples E.L. Rural 7/1/1933
Peet Ronald E.
Staples E.L. 7/3/1964
Peltz Rose Marie Carlson Motley
Pendergast Deborah Van Giffen Pine River Limited 8/1/1939
Pendray Juverna M.
Longville 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Pennar Margaret R.

Diploma 6/7/1923
Penrose Mary G.
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Perkins Hannah Hansen Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1919
Perrault Bernice
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Perrault Elizabeth
Cass Lake 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Peterreins Augusta
Pillager 2nd Class 8/1/1921
Peters Jane
Walker Spec Cert 8/1/1918
Petersen Ethel Flora Demmer Motley lem 8/22/1962
Peterson Ada T.
Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Peterson Adeline Hunter Motley E.L. Rural 9/17/1947
Peterson Agnes
Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
Peterson Anna C.
Backus 1st Gr 8/1/1920
Peterson Anna M. Koplay Cohasset 1st Gr 8/1/1917
Peterson Bertha

E.L. 6/1/1940
Peterson Elster Otto Alfred
Laporte Limited 9/1/1925
Peterson Evelyn Reinarz
E.S. 10/2/1940
Peterson Florence
Pillager 1st Gr 11/26/1924
Peterson Gladys
Brainerd 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Peterson Hilda
Shovel Lake 1st Gr 8/1/1914
Peterson Hildur
Pine River El Lim 8/1/1925
Peterson Lulu B.
Walker McPhail Music 8/14/1939
Peterson Marie Andrews Laporte L. E. Rural 9/4/1943
Peterson Mavis L.
Pine River E.L. Lim 8/1/1943
Peterson Minnie C.
Crookston 1st Gr 8/1/1912
Peterson Olga Mae
Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1918
Peterson Raymond
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Peterson Raymond
Pine River
Peterson Ruth Friedlund Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Peterson Ruth Friedlund Pillager E.L. Rural 7/1/1944
Peterson Ruth E.
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1917
Peterson Sadie Benoneame Sebeka 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Peterson Sophie
Mildred Diploma 11/27/1918
Peterson Theresa J.
Cass Lake Diploma 6/2/1922
Peterson Yvonne A. Hasborgen
L.E. 8/1/1949
Pfannstiel Harry
Cass Lake 1st Gr 6/7/1928
Pfeiffer Jeanne
Phelps Ragna Strand Cass Lake Spec Cert 8/1/1918
Phillips Anna C.

1st Cl 8/1/1922
Phillips Fern
Cass Lake Lim 8/1/1922
Phillips Ruth E.
Federal Dam Diploma 3/7/1924
Pierson Florence A.
Wilkinson 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Pitzen Sue A.
Backus 2nd Cl 8/1/1915
Place Gladys Marion
Pine River Diploma
Platz Nora
Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1917
Plumer Faith M.
Grant 2nd Gr 8/1/1919
Poerhmann Ruth A.
Creek 1st Cl 8/1/1915
Pohl Cecelia Battenburg Tobique 2nd Cl 8/1/1921
Polifka Leta
Cass Lake no data
Pollock Corine
Jenkins 2nd Gr 8/1/1916
Poore Louise Grebe
Federal Dam Adv Diploma 7/1/1929
Poore Stella
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Post Ethel
Cass Lake 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Posz Helen
Cass Lake Adv Diploma 6/4/1920
Potter George Hensley
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1920
Potter Jeanette M.
Whipholt E.L. 6/1/1941
Potter Roy J.
Whipholt Spec 10/18/1949
Powers Jeannette

Kdgtn 8/1/1923
Price Robert Louis
Cass Lake Hamline Univ 1/1/1919
Prideaux Jean Irving
Brainerd 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Proffit Dora Carver
Pine River 2nd Gr Rural 7/1/1947
Pyle Carrie
Pine River Home Ec 8/1/1919
Quinn Gertrude Margaret
Hackensack U of M 8/1/1922
Quist Lloyd Raymond

E. S. 6/7/1939
Racine Laura E.
Brainerd 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Raines Myrtle Woolbert Longville 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Ralya Lulu
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Ralya Vivian L.
Tobique Spec Lim 8/1/1916
Ramberg Alma
Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Ramberg Freeman E.
Wallker Sp Cert 8/1/1924
Rand Hazel
Sebeka Limited 8/1/1920
Randall Laura
Remer Univ - H Ec 6/15/1917
Rapp Mrs. Calla Moore Akeley 2nd Gr 8/1/1914
Rardin Madge I
Pillager 1st Common 7/1/1929
Rardin Mardelle
Brainerd E.L. Rural 7/1/1933
Rasmussen Emma M.
Motley no data 9/1/1921
Rau Adelheide
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Rau Emma
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Read Phoebe C.
Cotton El Sch Spec 3/3/1939
Reasoner Alice Maude
Remer El. Lim 9/2/1933
Reddington Annie
Lancaster 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Reid Nora
Remer El Spec Cert 8/1/1921
Reid Norma V..
Leech Lake 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Reider Dorothy Reuck Backus El Lim 9/1/1932
Reinertson Ragna

Northern T.C. 3/13/1941
Reishus S. Geo.
Backus 1st Gr Prof 8/1/1924
Remond Catherine M.
Staples 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Reuck Dorothy M.
Backus El Lim 7/1/1932
Reuter Mary E.
Pequot 1st Prof. 8/1/1921
Reynolds Florence C. Mullen Backus Nor. Dip 6/5/1924
Rezanka Richard Bennett
Pine River U of Illinois 7/1/1953
Rhoades David J.
Mildred El Lim Rural 6/1/1936
Rhoades David James
Mildred Moorhead 7/1/1936
Rhoades Edna Volner Mildred 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Rhoades Harry F.
Mildred Moorhead T.C. 8/1/1939
Rhoades Harry Frank
Mildred 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Rhoades Marjorie W.
Mildred El Lim 6/6/1932
Rice Donald
Pine River Mankato S.T.C. 10/26/1953
Richardson Florence Godfrey Remer 1st Common 7/1/1929
Rieder Katherine
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Riesgraf Roger W
Hackensack Mankato T.C. 8/1/1948
Riley Harriet
Pine River El Lim 6/1/1935
Riley Verona
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Roberts Ada A. Jones Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Roberts Dorothy Iola
Brainerd E.L. 6/1/1939
Roberts Florence A.
Pillager El Lim 6/6/1932
Robertson Ethel M.
Oshawa 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Robideau Ella
Pine River El Lim 7/2/1930
Robideau Ervin A.
Pine River 1st Gr 4/9/1929
Robinson Cecelia Frances
Sebeka 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Robinson Jesse A.
Federal Dam
Robinson Mabel
Cass Lake 1st Gr 6/27/1917
Robinson Mabel Mae
Cass Lake Elementary 8/1/1915
Robinson Marion
Cass Lake Spec Cert 8/1/1916
Roche Mary T.
Sebeka 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Rodekuhr Libbie A.
Federal Dam Adv Dipl 6/2/1926
Rodman Ella Vanstrom

Rogers Carrie
Rogers George Webster
Walker St. John's U. 7/19/1938
Rogers Lavina Ware Pine River Spec - Montana 8/1/1917
Rohr Madaline
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Rollins Lillian Marie Swecker Motley Elem 6/1/1941
Rolseth Matilda
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Romens Richard G.

2 yr course 3/2/1923
Rose John David
Federal Dam Elem 7/1/1941
Rosenberg Ellen H.
Oshawa 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Rosenberger Marie S.
Jenkins 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Rosevink Bertha J.
Poplar El Lim Rural 7/1/1933
Rosvald Pauline
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Rothwell Bertha Mann Pillager 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Rowland Della E.
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Rugland Ruth Anne
Hackensack 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Ruhl Katherine
Remer 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Ruhl Ruth E.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Rundell Mildred O.
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Rush Gladys
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Rush Harold
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Rush Lucille M.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Russell George Edwin
Boy River Bemidji State T.C. 1/3/1944
Russell Ida May
Remer Diploma 8/1/1923
Salfisberg Jennie Nelson Graff 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Sampson Ethel T.
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Sampson Frances Martin Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1917
Sanders Myrtle J.

El Lim 7/1/1931
Sandvig Edwin M.
Cass Lake Indust Cert 8/1/1917
Sanger Theresia M.C.
Onigum 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Sansburn Erma Leverington Motley E.L. Rural 7/1/1933
Sarff Ellen C. Latvala Walker Elem 7/1/1948
Satter Libby Van Sickel Brainerd 2nd Class 8/1/1916
Sautbine Douglas E.
Federal Dam El Lim 7/1/1929
Sautbine Evelyn F.
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Savage Jean McDonald Pine River El St 7/1/1930
Sawyer Inez
Backus no data 8/1/1920
Sawyer Lillian R.
Backus no data 8/18/1920
Sawyer Noah W.
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1912
Sawyer R. A.
Hackensack no data 8/24/1923
Sawyer Vernon S.

Scanlon Mary Susanna
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1921
Schaefer Grace
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1916
Schafer Stefina Haman Staples Minot S.T.C. 8/1/1937
Schaffer Betty
Longville Limit 2nd Class 8/1/1919
Schiefer Harriet
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Schleicher Fred J.
Backus 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
Schleiger Dorothy Feda Pine River E. L. 6/1/1939
Schmidt Clara Hefte Staples El Lim 9/23/1942
Schmidt Rose M.
Pillager Adv Normal 6/7/1917
Schmit Rosa Hagen Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1918
Schneider Mrs. Leota Atwood Remer 2nd Gr. 8/1/1949
Schoening Lewis
Pine River El Lim 6/3/1938
Schoon Doris D.
Sebeka El Limited 6/1/1947
Schow Beatrice
Pillager U of M 6/19/1919
Schow Sue S.
Cass Lake U of M 8/1/1918
Schroers Roger William

Bemidji S.T.C. 12/7/1956
Schultz Bernice
Remer El Limited Rural 12/1/1933
Schultz Hazel Doris
Remer Duluth T.C. 8/1/1937
Schultz Leola
Pequot 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Schultz Mabel E.
Pequot 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Schultz Margaret Genevieve
Minneapolis U of M 8/31/1941
Schultz Vera
Pequot Lim 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Schultz William R.
Pillager Adv Norm 6/5/1918
Schunstrom Eula Carol
Duluth Elem Standard 7/1/1941
Schwab Mary Naomi
St. Francis 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Schwarskopf Lillian
Brainerd 2nd Gr 8/1/1915
Scofield Edna
Backus El Lim 7/1/1932
Scofield Florence
Backus El Lim 7/1/1930
Scofield Mildred
Backus El Lim Rural 8/28/1943
Scott James Winfield
Longville El Standard 4/22/1947
Scott Jean E.
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1931
Scott Wayne Walter
Pine River
Seadlund John F.
Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Seadlund Judith
Pillager Normal Diploma 8/1/1925
Seadlund Lillian Georgina
Ironton Crosby 7/1/1951
Sealander Mabel
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1915
Sears Vivian G.
Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Seaton Anita Fields Pine River El Lim 7/1/1930
Seaton Evelyn M. Linden Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Seaton Gerald
Pine River E. S. 7/1/1942
Seeley Ethel I.
Motley 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Seeling Marguerite

Winona TC 7/1/1941
Seely Enola B.
Motley El Lim 7/1/1931
Segal Josephine
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Selvala Anna L. Sullivan Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Severeid Dorothy Lillian Proffit Pine River 4/9/1929 11/21/1946
Severeid Dorothy Lillian Proffit Pine River Superior St T.C. 8/1/1927
Severson Fern Conklin Ball Club Bemidji S.T.C. 8/1/1944
Seward Ida Inman Bakus 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Shamp Clara
Pine River El Lim 6/1/1938
Shannon Mary L. Hooker Leader Limited 8/1/1922
Sharp Wm. S.
Minneapolis 2nd Gr 8/1/1922
Shattuck Doris
Hackensack 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Shaw J. Emerson
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1920
Sheffer Theodore R.
Pine River El Lim 7/1/1931
Shefner Rose
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Shegven Anna Bendson Staples El Lim Rural 7/1/1931
Sherwood Dwight
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Sherwood Gertrude
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Sherwood Ida Cox Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Shoemaker Grace
Federal Dam

Showalter Elizabeth Clark Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Siebel Norma L.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Siggerud Clara
Pelican Rapids 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Siltman Edna
Backus El Lim 8/12/1942
Siltman Edna Mae Fox Backus 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Simmons Ellen P.
Pillager Adv Normal 6/8/1917
Simonsen Agnes
Cass Lake no data 9/1/1921
Simonson Agnes
Ball Club 2nd Cl 8/1/1919
Simonson Carrie
Cass Lake 2nd Cl 8/1/1915
Simonson Mabel E.
Pillager Adv Diploma 6/5/1918
Simonson Selma
Ball Club 1st Cl 8/1/1919
Sinclair Ann Mae
Blackduck Lim Rural 7/10/1944
Singleton Eleanor
Aitkin 1st Cl 8/1/1922
Sipes Nina I

1st Cl 8/1/1922
Sjoblom Celia Johnson Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Sjoblom Celia C.
Remer 1st Gr 8/1/1914
Sjostrom Alice
Pine River Limited 8/1/1919
Sjostrom Myrtle
Pine River El Lim Rural 8/1/1930
Skiff Hazel J.

Prof State 8/1/1920
Skillings Lucille
Brainerd El Lim Rural 6/6/1932
Skomedol Thora
Thief River Falls Bemidji S.T.C. 6/1/1930
Slagle Bess Bailey Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Slette Selma O.
Longville 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Sliter Irma
Pillager 1st Gr Rural 8/1/1925
Smail Emma E.
Pequot 2nd Cl 8/1/1921
Smith Agnes
Smith Alva D.
Brainerd Limited 8/1/1920
Smith Anna

1st Gr 8/1/1923
Smith Carol Lucy
Hackensack Duluth T.C. 6/6/1941
Smith Edith M. Beeney Pine River Drake Univ 8/1/1920
Smith Elsie
Pequot Limited 8/1/1919
Smith Faye E.
Cass Lake E.L. 6/1/1941
Smith Gladys
Walker St. Cloud T.C. 6/7/1917
Smith Grace Lois
Backus St. Cloud T.C. 6/5/1918
Smith Isabella
Pontoria St. Cloud Normal 11/23/1910
Smith Jenne S. Fougner Poplar 1st Gr Rural 8/1/1927
Smith Jennie M.
Boy River no data 8/30/1919
Smith Jesse S.
Mildred River Falls 8/1/1922
Smith Josephine
Leader 1st Class 8/1/1917
Smith Lila G. Seely Hackensack 1st Gr 8/1/1914
Smith Luda
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Smith Marie Dumpprope Leader St. Cloud T.C. 8/1/1953
Smith Mary L
Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1920
Smith Merle Edward
Federal Dam St. Cloud Normal 8/1/1916
Smith Mrs. Leslie M.
Pine River Iowa State 8/1/1922
Smith Peggy Gladys
Pequot E.S. 6/3/1938
Snyder Mamie Robbins Motley E.L. 8/1/1945
Sockness Inga
Rice Lake Hamline Univ 8/1/1917
Soderlund Donald P.
Hackensack Gustavus Adolphus 9/5/1937
Soli Myrtle

1st Gr 8/1/1926
Somers Marie Tooker Pine River Iowa State 8/1/1918
Sook Rosalie
Remer U of M 6/19/1919
Sorenson Dorothy Orell
E. S. 7/19/1940
Sorenson Stella Nathalia
Bagley Bemidji 7/1/1941
Sorg Dorothy
Pillager St Cloud T.C. 7/1/1931
Sorg Marion Jurgen

St. Cloud Normal 11/27/1918
Soring Christine

Sorum Mabel
Remer 1st Gr 7/1/1929
Southwick Luva
Walker Limited 8/1/1919
Spain Evelyn M. Ralya Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Spain F. Ella
Hackensack El Limited 7/1/1931
Spauding Homer D.
Cass Lake 1st Gr Prof 8/5/1915
Spencer Katherine
Pillager 1st Common 8/1/1928
Spillane Marie E. Whalen Backus 1st Gr 8/1/1922
Spornitz Mrs. Elizabeth Cochran Motley 2nd Gr 8/1/1915
Squires Clara Addie W.
St. Pierre Bernadine May
Staples St Cloud STC 6/1/1953
Stacy Charlotte
Pine River U of M 8/1/1919
Stafsberg Henrietta Louise
Akeley E.S. 8/1/1926
Staimbrook Marise Marian

E.S. 6/6/1941
Stanley Ethel
Brainerd 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Stans Margaret Mary
Minneapolis St. Catherine 8/4/1942
Stanton Helen J.
Pine River U. Cert 8/1/1920
Starling Almeda
Boy River 2nd Gr 8/1/1923
Starr Ada Belle
Walker El Limited 7/1/1931
Starr Chloe P.
Onigum 1st Class 8/1/1920
Starr Philip A.
Onigum 1st Class 8/1/1921
Stearns Frances Culver Cass Lake 1st Class 8/1/1921
Steen Elizabeth
Graff 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Steen Susy
Nashua 2nd Gr 8/1/1924
Steffen Harold J.
Pequot E.L. 7/1/1937
Stehr Beth Smith Pine River El Limited Rural 7/1/1937
Stehr Rosella M.
Backus El Limited Rural 6/1/1935
Steinbrenner Sarah
Remer Limited 8/1/1920
Stenberg Ruth M.
Backus St. Cloud T.C. 6/1/1945
Sterritt Mabeth

U of M 8/1/1920
Stetzler Rebecca Corbit
Bemidji T.C. 9/8/1940
Stewart Eleanor Lee
Stillwell Gertrude Zippel Zippel Walker El Limited 8/1/1934
Stimson Alvin
Walker Spec Cert 8/1/1919
Stine Rose O'Malley Walker 2nd Gr 8/1/1925
Stoddart Marion Phillips Cass Lake U of M Home Ec 6/14/1917
Stokesberry Grace C.
Walker Valley City T.C. 9/1/1929
Stomberg Arlyn Paul
Bemidji Gustavus 3/9/1951
Stone Delphine L.
Staples El Lim 6/1/1935
Stone Robert Lee
Hackensack Carelton College 8/1/1926
Straight Edna Theodora
Walker 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Straight Ruth E.
Walker Lim 8/1/1922
Strand Margaret
Strang Anna L.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Stransky Helen Pauline
Remer El Sch 7/1/1932
Streitz Mary J.
Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Strom Helen
Pillager L E Permit rural 8/17/1947
Stromberg Edna M.
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Stropp Luella M. Benson Minneapolis 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Struthers Marguerite S.
Brainerd Primary Grades 3/5/1926
Stuart Mabel H.
Laporte Lim 1st Cl 8/1/1917
Stucke Ada Bauman Backus Sp 1st Gr 4/30/1918
Stuntz Fern E.
Pillager Sp Lim 2nd Gr 8/1/1918
Sundberg Mildred
Remer Tr. Cert. 6/15/1921
Sundermeyer Addline M.
Backus Elem 7/1/1950
Sundermeyer Lucy A.
Mildred El Limited 7/28/1948
Sundheim Marie C.
Minneapolis 1s Gr 8/1/1925
Sundstrom Esther
Little Falls Adv. Diploma 11/18/1917
Sutton Dorman J.
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Svartengren Hilda C.
Motley El Limited 8/1/1920
Svartengren Lillie
Poplar 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Svendsen Lorraine S.
Motley El Limited 8/1/1936
Svendsen Mrs. Estrid Anderson Motley 2nd Cl 8/1/1922
Swanberg Emma Marie

Bemidji STC 6/8/1933
Swanson Esther
Leeh Lake 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Swanson Esther G.
Verndale 1st Cl 8/1/1918
Swarstad George Clarence
Pine River Prof 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Swedberg Mabel Irene
Backus Stout Inst. 8/1/1918
Sweeney Constance E. Roth Staples El Limited 8/1/1943
Swenson Edwin A.
Walker St. Olaf 8/1/1919
Swenson Selma
Hopkins 1st Cl 8/1/1916
Swenson Velma
Pillager St. Cloud Normal 8/1/1919
Sycks Roy L.
Backus El Rural 7/1/1931
Sykes Lela F.
Syrstad Magda
Pillager 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Syrstad Ruth
Pequot 1st Gr 8/1/1923
Tabaka Grace R.
Longville Lim 2nd Gr 8/1/1925
Tabaka Vera L. Ellis Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Taig Caroline Fortman Park Rapids Elem 7/1/1943
Talbot Mary Lewena
Pine River Peabody College, TN 8/1/1918
Tanner Emma Marie Swanberg Cass Lake El Standard 6/8/1933
Taphan Stella Poore Poplar 1st Gr 8/1/1924
Taylor Bruce N.
Shovel Lake 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Teus Irma V.
Huntersville Sp Lim 8/1/1919
Theil Elizabeth
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Theis Almira E.
Staples 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Theis Nora L.
Staples 2nd Cert. 8/1/1917
Thias Harold C.
Bertha El Limited Rural 7/1/1933
Thielvoldt John
Backus 1st Gr 8/1/1921
Thomas Margaret Severina
Hackensack 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Thompson Alvin L.
Solway 2nd Gr 8/15/1915
Thompson Dorothy I.
Park Rapids 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Thompson Fayne A.
Longville El Limited Rural 8/1/1937
Thompson Frank Pershing
Backus HS Stan 8/19/1947
Thompson June
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1921
Thompson Lulu
Mildred Ellendale Normal 8/1/1918
Thompson Marion Robbins
Pine River 1st Gr Prof 8/1/1920
Thompson Martha
Motley 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Thompson Ragna
Cass Lake Diploma 8/1/1918
Thompson Sarah V. Norman Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1925
Thompson Vivian A.
Morris Mankato St T.C. 2/29/1940
Thorn Myrtle Johnson Staples El Limited 9/11/1939
Thorsett Margaret C.
Staples El Limited Rural 6/1/1935
Thorstensen Esther E.

1st Cl 8/1/1917
Thorston Ethyl
Leader El Lim 7/1/1935
Thortenson Helen

Thulvoldt Annabel
Backus 1st Gr Rural 8/29/1944
Tibbits Olive P.
Pequot 2nd Cl 8/1/1917
Tilbury Bernice N.
Laporte 1st Gr 8/1/1928
Tinkelpaugh Esther Vivienne Schelb Brainerd Elementary 8/31/1949
Toffle Alice Ruth
Remer El Standard 8/1/1937
Tollefsrud Selma C.
Pine River 1st Cl 8/1/1920
Tonsager Margaret Eckel Staples El Lim Rural 10/2/1950
Topp Edna F. Wright Pillager 2nd Cl 8/1/1916
Torgerson Dora Ruth Lehner Sebeka 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Torgerson Florence
Cass Lake El Lim Moorhead 6/11/1914
Torgerson Hazel Hemphill Motley El Lim Rural 7/1/1934
Torgerson Pearl

Torkelson Leona Hopke Pine River El Lim Rural 8/1/1941
Towler Arlene Davis
Mankato State 3/8/1955
Townsend Basil L.
Pine River El Lim 8/1/1925
Tracy Jennie M. Johnson
1st Cl 8/1/1921
Tracy Mamie B.

St. Cloud TC 3/9/1923
Traff Elvira Mildred
Staples El Standard 7/27/1937
Tresler Edith B.
Walker 1st Cl 8/1/1923
Truesdell Beth
Tschumperlin Ethel
Cass Lake St. Cloud TC 7/27/1917
Turgi Adeline Miller Cass Lake El Rural 7/1/1949
Turgi Adeline Elizabeth Miller Cass Lake Elem Limit 8/1/1942
Turngren Clara F.
Cass Lake Winona TC 6/4/1920
Turnquist Dorris
Pine River Diploma 8/1/1924
Tuttle Bessie M. Merrill Pequot 2nd Gr 9/1/1910
Tuttle Florence Spencer Pine River El Lim 7/1/1932
Tye Eula May
Pine River 1st Gr 8/1/1927
Tye James
Mildred 1st Gr 8/1/1926
Tye Ross
Backus El Lim 7/1/1930
Ugland Marie L.
Mildred St. Olaf, Sp Cert 8/1/1918
Uhlig Rose Mabel Smith Backus El Lim 8/1/1927
Uldrich John Thomas
Bena Duluth TC 11/27/1935
Underhill Maude

Underhill Rena Orvis
Motley Rural 6/1/1951
Underhill Violet Love
Motley St. Cloud TC 8/1/1926
Ungstad Daphne Chisholm Hackensack Bemidji TC 12/8/1947
Urness May
Pine River Limited 8/1/1920
Utley Doris M.
Cass Lake Limited 8/1/1920
Vaerst Alseida H.M.
Akeley 1st Gr 1/8/1923
Vaile Vivian
Walker Lim 8/1/1925
Valentine Marian A.
Van Blaricom