Coroner’s Register of Inquests, Cass County, Minnesota 1899-1905

The coroner was a county-level officer. His duty was to enquire into the circumstances surrounding deaths that were reported to him. Not all deaths were brought to his attention. He was only asked to establish the medical cause of death when the death was sudden, violent or unnatural, or when no doctor had treated the deceased during his or her last illness. If the cause remained in doubt after a post mortem, an inquest was held and a jury was called. The names of the jury members were included in these reports. The purpose of the inquest was to determine who the person was, and how, when and where he/she died. In some cases, the inquest could not determine a date of death or identify the person and consequently was registered as “unknown” or “John Doe.” The coroner then entered the details in the Coroner’s Register of Inquests. This information was extracted from the Coroner’s Register of Inquests, located at the State Archives at the Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Date of Filing Last Name First Name Date of Death Cause of death Inquest Necessary
11/2/1899 Barclay George A. 10/29/1898 Bullet at hands of unknown person Yes
11/23/1899 Willard Bertha
Natural causes Yes
11/23/1899 Werner Antone 2/14/1899 Railroad Accident Yes
12/29/1899 Card Louis 12/27/1899 Natural causes No
1/20/1900 Martin Edwin July 24, 1899 Accident Yes
1/20/1900 Anderson Victor Nov 8, 1899 Sawmill Accident No
1/20/1900 Brady Thos. M. Jan 18, 1900 Exposure to elements No
1/20/1900 Belanger Chas. 1/19/1900 Suicide by poison No
7/9/1900 Caruthers David 6/19/1900 Heart Failure No
9/24/1900 Sublette Jack T. 9/19/1900 Heart Failure Yes
9/21/1900 Bertrand, Jr. Napoleon 9/21/1900 Suicide by gunshot No
1/7/1901 Ludington Robert Bruce 1/1/1901 Froze and old age No
2/12/1901 McDonald John 2/11/1901 Old Age and Neglect No
3/13/1901 Bellanger Dora 3/12/1901 Overdose of Laudinum No
3/15/1901 Atkinson F. B. 3/14/1901 Overdose of morphine No
5/29/1901 Morris, J. H. 5/27/1901 Gunshot by rifle Yes
7/15/1901 Butcher Henry 7/12/1901 Run over by train Yes
11/1/1901 Brourlelte Levi 10/29/1901 Heart failure No
11/13/1901 Ess William 11/10/1901 Drowning after walking off dock No
12/17/1901 Reynolds Ira 11/19/1901 Shot by unknown person Yes
2/14/1902 Roscoe Charles 2/5/1902 Suicide with Winchester rifle Yes
3/29/1902 Walters Edward 3/19/1902 Freezing No
11/29/1902 Hardy Oscar 3/25/1902 Drowning No
12/30/1902 Epworth James 12/26/1902 Strangulation No
12/19/1902 Page Henry 12/18/1902 Exposure, Alcohol Yes
4/1/1903 Reed John 3/31/1903 Run over by train Yes
7/18/1903 Unknown
5/17/1903 Unknown cause -- Yes
7/18/1903 Peterson Anmdrew 4/3/1903 Run over by train No
7/30/1903 Moen Ole 7/22/1903 Gunshot by another person Yes
12/10/1903 Sigurdson Simon 12/8/1903 Exposure, Alcohol, heart failure No
6/8/1904 Petri Arnold 12/29/1903 Freezing No
6/8/1904 Carrol William 1/13/1904 Acute alcoholism No
6/8/1904 Kiley Pat 5/9/1904 Accidental aconite poisoning No
6/8/1904 Atherton James 6/8/1904 Drowning No
6/8/1904 Callahan James 5/21/1904 Suicide, carbolic acid No
6/8/1904 Sanger Richard 3/27/1904 Gunshot by another person No
11/14/1904 Toffy Mats 9/12/1904 Heart Disease No
11/19/1904 Kreosen Christ J. 11/2/1904 Suicide, hanging No
11/14/1904 Taylor James 11/6/1904 Exposure, Exhaustion, capsized in boat No
1/7/1905 Trzeblowsky Chas 12/4/1904 Struck by falling tree No
1/7/1905 Budge H. 12/27/1904 Natural causes, heart disease No
1/7/1905 Comman Mamie 12/28/1904 Exposure to cold, alcoholism No
1/7/1905 McDonald Mr. 12/30/1904 Suicide, hanging No
1/7/1905 Murphy Dr. Garrett 1/3/1905 Suicide, shot with revolver No
1/7/1905 Hanson Oscar 1/7/1905 Accidental death Yes
12/18/1905 Whalen James 2/3/1905 Alcoholism, pneumonia No
12/18/1905 Powell William 3/6/1905 Alcoholism, heart disease No
12/18/1905 Unknown
3/15/1905 Unknown cause No
12/18/1905 Doe John 4/18/1905 Accidental, fell off train No
12/18/1905 McGinn Ralph 6/8/1905 Accidental cause No
12/18/1905 Bun George 6/6/1905 Natural causes No
12/18/1905 Nash Phil 6/27/1905 Run over by train No
12/18/1905 Crossman William 7/9/1905 Suicide by gunshot No
12/18/1905 Matson ? 7/9/1905 Accidental drowning, boat upset No
12/18/1905 Unknown
7/10/1905 Accidental drowning No
12/18/1905 Unknown
7/13/1905 Accidental drowning No
12/18/1905 Parker George M. 10/23/1905 Accidentally killed by N.P. train No
12/18/1905 Tucker Ruby 10/26/1905 Accidental drowning No
12/23/1905 Harrison Joseph