For those doing research on family links to Longville, below is a list of the Family Stories from the History of Longville book.

Adams, Michael and Carol
Allen, Martin and Grace (Taylor)
Anderson, Ola B and Hilma (Larson)
Atwood, Elmer Hixson and Lona (Carper)
Aultman, Eric John and Emma
Aultman, Harold S. and Carrie (Carlson)
Austin, Coleman and Dorothy (Jordan)
Baikie, James A. and Mae
Bandemer, Louis and Agnes (Harrisberger)
Barker, Thomas
Beals, Anson and Eva
Beck, Tollif O.
Becker, Bert and Alice (Henry)
Beckman, Mary
Beise, Ray and Elsie
Berge, Leonard and Alice (Hausken)
Berger, John K.
Berggreen, Carl A. and Karin (Jensen)
Berkness, Sievert
Berres, John and Mary (Simones)
Bishop, Ancel and Ruth (Peterson)
Blais, Robert and Kay (Bailey)
Bliesner, Augustus and Laura (Putnam)
Blumentritt, Harold and Elva
Bremer, Phil Matthew
Brennan, Ole and Barbara
Brevik, Leo and Florence (Peters)
Brevik, Ole and Lena
Brower, Wayne and Heidee (Anderson)
Bruckelmeyer, "Charles, Frank, Joseph"
Buchanan, Buck and Marian
Buchheite, Jonas and Jennie (Wasem)
Bungy, John and Julia (Cossette)
Burley, Harold and Evelyn
Carey, "James, Will, Loren"
Carlson, Donald and Sible (Winn)
Carpenter, Riley Rollin and Lillian (Stevens)
Carpenter, Harry Rollin and Alice (Zink)
Carpenter, Earl Spence and Ella (Schmidt)
Carpenter, Cecil and Dorothy
Carpenter, Wesley and Noreen (Webb)
Carper, Newton Kurtz
Carver, Ira and Bertha (Evans)
Carver, Joseph and Elizabeth (Bowen)
Chalich, Joseph and Bertha (Kuriger)
Chambers, Howard George
Chavira, Mildred Alice (Preston)
Clark, Benjamin and Barbara (Purzner)
Clark, Victoria
Coleman, Arlene Coleman Fish
Combs, Art and Velma (Augustine)
Condon, William and Marijean (Fuller)
Connors, John P.
Cook, Clyde Alonzo and Jessie (Hesser)
Craig, Ardell and Florence (Olson)
Crandall, William and Mary (Graling)
Culhane, Margaret
Daniels, Hiram Edward and Sallie (Holliday)
Dauber, John F. and Carrie Louise (Hansen)
Daudt, Terry and Lori
Davies, William and Margaret (Mack)
Day, Lou and Frieda
DeGarmo, Floyd E. and Sylvia (Hicks)
Delph, Dean and Debra (Yochum)
Devore, Roy
Dickinson, Rev. Rhoda
Diesch, Ferd and Lu
Drum, Gene and Nita
Dudgeon, William and Mary Jane (Whitney)
Duncan, Fred and Frances Maryellen
Edwards, Roland and Marion Evelyn (Carpenter)
Elwell, Charles and Amy
Engelhart, George William and Jessie (Rose)
Engstrand, Carl Adrian and Anna (Carlson)
Erickson, Inger (Hanson)
Eskuri, Isaac
Fee, Walter and Eleanor (Woolbert)
Feldhaus, Frank J. and Florence (Ford)
Felton, Corwin and Dorothea (Vangen)
Felton, Fredrick R. and Donna (Dixon)
Felton, Ralph F. and Lois (Whitted)
Fisher, Herb and Jeannette
Flink, Carl Wilhelm
Folwick, Ingmar and Alma (Dietrich)
Forbes, Harold and Nan (Jordan)
Forbes, Kenneth and Anna (Zacharias)
Ford, Brad and Marilyn (Zaffke)
Ford, Riley and Grace (Showalter)
Ford, John Calvin and Antonetta (Rose)
Ford, James W. and Lucy Estella (Thompson)
Ford, Howard and Eleanor (Rosenberry)
Ford, George Edward and Jennie (Thompson)
Ford, George Albert and Susannah (Smith)
Ford, Earl Lester and Barbara (Bodenhofer)
Ford, Andrew and Violet (Hoyt)
Ford, Albert and Clara (Engelhart)
Ford, Ernest and Marion (Sogge)
Fuller, James Wayne and Frances (Anderson)
Fuller, Lois Elizabeth
Fuller, Ralph Waldo and Edna (Horton)
Fuller, Dwight and Lorean (Born)
Fuller, Albert Dan
Fuller, Bruce Albert
Fuller, Bud and Mary (Thompson)
Fuller, Ronald and Margaret (Royston)
Fuller, James Bert and Gladys (Wagner)
Garner, Frank
Garner, George and Anna (Bergman)
Garner, Lee and Virgie (Longnecker)
Gatterman, John
Gergich, Harold
Gilmer, Alexander and Grace (Foster)
Gilmore, James E. and Martha (Brevik)
Glandon, George H. and Delcie (Whitted)
Glandon, Alexander and Rachel (Thomas)
Griffin, Wilma
Gunderson, Roy and Elnora (Brevik)
Hamilton, Samuel H.
Hansen, Bill and Bonnie
Hanson, Arthur and Elvira
Hanson, Adam and Bess (Barker)
Harder, Byron and Cecelia (Ramstack)
Hardy, Harry and Marie
Hart, Bruce and Flo (Jordan)
Haskell, James and Catherine (Bailey)
Hasser, "Erhard ""Hardy"" and Agnes (Lucas)"
Haugen, Anton and Inger
Hausken, David
Hausken, George and Violet (Whitman)
Henson, Paul and Ruby
Herder, August M.
Herron, John
Hilts, John and Jesse
Hinsz, Benjamin and Dorothy (Volochenko)
Holmdahl, Gordon and Beth
Holt, Christ and Mina
Hoppe, Ernest and Eva
Horton, V. C. and Lydia (Horton)
Hough, Norman H.
Howard, Clifford John
Howser, Louis and Ruth
Hrdlichka, Amil and Susan (Bennett)
Hrdlichka, Ed and Minnie Pearl (Bennett)
Huffman, William G. and Orinda (Dewey)
Hurd, Charley
Iverson, Jeanette
Iverson, James and Tillie (Brevik)
Jenkins, D. A.
Jepson, Jeff and Bonnie (Russow)
Johnson, Edgar and Alma (Sather)
Johnson, "Norman Hartley, Sr."
Johnson, Orville and Gwen (Horner)
Johnson, Wayne
Johnson, William Amund and Iola (Rose)
Jordan, Patricia
Jordan, Tempie
Jordan, Ted and Marilyn
Jordan, Leo and Aurletta (Briggs)
Jordan, Fred and Louise (Stensgard)
Jordan, Merritt and Florence (Nyvall)
Jordan, Lars Stensgaard
King, Pete and Sarah (Thompson)
Kinkel, Clarence and Sadie (Carpenter)
Kinkel, Frank Frederick and Nellie (Johnson)
Kinne, Herbert Bud and Kathryn (O'Keefe)
Kirkvold, Hans and Julie (Berger)
Kline, Cyril George
Kline, "Frances ""Carol"" Mather"
Koenig, Amanda
Koons, Bill and Della
Kragtorp, "John, Christian"
Kruckow, Peter and Sena (Peterson)
Lambert, Alfred and Mary (Kinley)
Lang, William and Rose (Bucuran)
Larson, Carl and Selma
Larson, Charles and Gloria (Ford)
Larson, Lola (Mills) Woolbert
Larson, Peter L. and Emma
Lauer, Robert E. and Gladys (Severson)
LaVallee, Leon Paul and Marie (Mellon)
Leeper, "Harold ""Fritz"" Leeper"
Lieske, Lewis and Bernice (Rose)
Likens, Keith and Ruth
Lilyquist, Clinton and Marilyn (Welk)
Lilyquist, Marvin and Marie (Boehne)
Lilyquist, Nels
Lilyquist, Walter and Freda (Perlenfein)
Lilyquist, Alfred Victor
Loff, Peter and Emma (Mathies)
Lott, Elmer
Lott, Marion and Myrtle
Lundgren, "Jacob Alen ""Jack"""
Lundgren, Joseph E.
Lundgren, Emma
Lundgren, Edward and Laura (Polsfuss)
Lundgren, Art
Lundgren, Lawrence
Lynch, Gerald John and Nettie (Szostak)
Malmo, Arthur and Randie (Lien)
Manders, Henry and Letta (Arnold)
Manders, Ralph and Selma (Slette)
Manders, Robert and Lois (Stengel)
Manders, Willis and Daisy (Bartlett)
Mathies, Rudolph and Marie (Von Gunther)
Mayer, Ben and Irene (Mitchell)
Mayer, Ben and Rosella (Stehr)
McAllister, Joseph David
McCann, Chester and Loretta (Lund)
McClintock, Robert C.
McCormick, James Wilson
McCready, Neil and Violet
McCready, Ralph and Leona
McCutchan, Dana and Helen (Carter)
McKeebe, Harry and Ferne A.
McMillan, "Charles Arthur ""Art"""
Mercer, Bonnie
Metzer, Bernhardt
Metzer, Charles and Mary (Vetter)
Mickelson, Peder M. and Lena (Olson)
Mills, Charles Lewis and Nora (Thoms)
Mills, Orville and Minna (Feierabend)
Mills, Gerald W.
Mills, Ira and Beatrice (Huddle)
Mitchell, Charles and Emma
Mix, Harold and Leona (Hausken)
Mix, Jesse M. and Gertrude (Esterbrook)
Moe, Donald and Alice (Thuesen)
Mohawk, Lewis and Alyce (Whitman)
Mork, Emil M.
Morris, Norb and Doris
Murphy, Severt and Hazel (Carver)
Murray, James and Phyllis (Thompson)
Nakunst, Fredrick Emil and Hulda
Nelson, Clarence and Edrie
Nelson, Evald Benjamin and Bertha (Olson)
Neururer, Geralyn Kay Sartell
Newell, Zeno and Louise
Nikkela, John and Anne
Norman, Isaak
Null, Hobart and Kathleen (Ingram)
Nyvall, Donald Frederick
Nyvall, Ernest
Nyvall, Oscar and Florence (Babcock)
Nyvall, Russell and Helen (Felton)
Orton, Leland Wesley and Maude (Bragg)
Ozark, Tony and Betty
Paper, John and Annie (Brunette)
Paul, "Milford Raymond ""Curley"""
Person, Herman and Hilma (Sandberg)
Peterson, "Christ Emil, Rasmus"
Peterson, Leo
Peterson, Walter and Christina (Gaub)
Pfremer, Charles and Nellie
Phillips, Don
Phipps, Frederick and Marjorie (Davis)
Pinckert, Frank and Lottie (Carver)
Polosky, Alexander
Pretzer, Wallace and Shari
Provo, Phillip and Pearl (Carver)
Provost, Edmond
Putnam, Mick and Violet (Mayer)
Putnam, Laura and August Bliesner
Rambo, Noah M.
Raymond, Charlie and Jean (Batterton)
Raymond, William S.
Raymond, George T.
Renning, George and Irma (Orth)
Robideaux, Ewin and Bernice (Peterson)
Rose, Levi and Iona A. (Smith)
Rose, Thomas
Roth, George B.
Rouson, Harmas and Phoebe Ann (Whitted)
Runions, Carroll
Ruscoe, George W.
Sabourin, Geri
Sales, Oscar
Sanders, Homer and Joyce (Bonga)
Sanford, Charles
Sartell, Henry J. and Molly (Hamp)
Sartell, Karl and Helen (Hochstein)
Sartell, Patrick Leigh
Sautbine, Charles
Schafman, Al and Jeanne (Burroughs)
Scheibe, Irv and Rachel (Kinler)
Schenck, Henry B. and Grace (Kuffen-Bode)
Schock, Duane and Susie (Likens)
Scott, Floyd B. and Earlene
Scott, Jim and Mae
Scott, Winfield and Fayne (Thompson)
Scott, E. G. and Jessaline
Semotuk, Mike and Ann
Shepard, James Tracy and Minnie (Metzer)
Shepard, Lowell and Nora (Mills)
Shepard, Tracy Charles and Ina (Carlson)
Shields, James T. and Theresa
Showalter, Floyd Leslie
Showalter, Lloyd and Tillie (Busch)
Showalter, Ezra and Ida (Willson)
Showalter, Carl and Betty (Clark)
Shull, Samuel E. and Margaret
Shull, Anne E.
Slagle, Charles and Anna Louise (Coenen)
Slagle, Edward and Ethel (Ford)
Slagle, Doris
Slagle, Roy and Madge (Myers)
Smith, Fred and Idelle (Fletcher)
Smith, Jacob T.
Snell, Robert Edgar and Bridget
Snell, George L. and Bridget (Cosgrove)
Snell, Mark Maurice and Catherine (Horn)
Snell, Christopher
Snell, Hiram and Maude (Whitted)
Snell, Louis Alexander and Jeannette (James)
Sonstegard, Carl and June Alvina (Harder)
Sorenson, Ola and Elizabeth
Spanjer, Richard and Thelma (Vangen)
Starling, Marvil and Hattie (Crider)
Steffens, Lorraine
Stengel, Ernie and Maude
Strait, Kenneth and Wava (Carpenter)
Sumption, "Erwin ""Ole"" and Elna"
Tabaka, Mildred (Sister Lorraine)
Tabaka, John Henry and Catherine (Berres)
Tabaka, Vera (Ellis)
Tabaka, Raymond
Tabaka, Pearl Tabaka Williams
Tabaka, Kathryn Tabaka Andrews
Tabaka, John Anthony and Jeanette (Ewer)
Tabaka, Grace Tabaka Niemi
Tabaka, Francis and Barbara (Hardwick)
Tabaka, Leonard and Ida (Erstad)
Thatcher, Dr. Wilbur
Thomas, Henry and Belle
Thomas, Allen Lincoln
Thomas, "Richard, Ardell"
Thompson, Timon and Iona (Ford)
Thompson, Arthur and Myrtena
Thompson, William and Tirzah Jane (Smith)
Thompson, Elmer and Arvilla
Thompson, Norma Jean Warnock
Thompson, Richard Kenneth & Eunice (Ives)
Thorsen, Melford and Sylvia
Timpe, William J. and Emma
Todd, Willis and Lizzie (Tifft)
Toland, "John, Amanda"
Trippe, James E. and Edith
Twohey, Michael and Catherine (Burns)
Uhlig, Victor and Rose (Smith)
Underhill, Archie and Maude (Starling)
Unstad, Leif
Vangen, Anders A. and Maren (Johnson)
Vangen, John and Josephine (Beck)
Wagner, Charles
Warner, "Elmer, Frank, Kathryn"
Waterhouse, Edwin Clay and Mabel (Peterson)
Weaver, Charles and Vera
Wegner, "Louis ""Six Shooter Bill"""
Weins, John and Sandy
Welch, Geoffrey and Margaret (Atwood)
Welk, John and Estelle (Lien)
Welk, John and Judy (Moran)
Wenstrand, Ken and Marie
Wheeler, William Sanford
Wheeler, Charles John and Frances (Kliber)
Wheeler, Donald Dale
Wheeler, "Glenn Allen, Jr."
Wheeler, John and Muriel (Lilyquist)
Wheeler, Lewis George and Mayme (Knutson)
Wheeler, Lionel and Ann (McGrath)
Wheeler, Carl Arthur
White, Marie Kline
White Cloud, Chief and Ellen
Whitman, Richard and Katherine (Felthaus)
Whitman, Thomas and Erma (Engelhart)
Whitted, Jake and Ruth (Snell)
Whitted, Claude Oliver and Agnes (Smith)
Whitted, Saul and Gertrude (Allen)
Whitted, Roy and Dorothy (Caldwell)
Whitted, George W. and Phoebe (Thomas)
Whitted, Delcie Mae
Whitted, Alex
Whitted, Earl Hurbert
Wikstrom, Erik
Wilner, Gustave H. and Edith
Wilson, Charles and Anna (Jensen)
Wood, Ed and Jean
Wood, Patrick and Jeannie
Woodford, Menzel and Mary (Anderson)
Woodford, Roy and Phyllis (Bennett)
Woodford, John and Phyllis
Woodford, Samuel and Mae (Toland)
Woodford, Orson and Cora (Shipman)
Woodley, Frank and Phyllis (Thompson)
Woodley, George and Phebie (Ford)
Woodley, Mathias and Eva (Comstock)
Woolbert, Charles and Bertha (Cook)
Worcester, Clayton and Betty (Bliesner)
Workman, Jim and Gwen (Welk)
Yochum, Dan and Martha (Hardwick)
Yochum, Walter
Yochum, Sherman
Yochum, Robert and Germaine (Zerwas)
Yochum, Richard Stanley
Yochum, Herman
Yochum, John and Laola (Metzer)
Yochum, Danny and Fay
Yochum, Ben and Agnes (Shermoen)
Yochum, Anton and Mary Ann (Roach)
Yochum, Howard and Alice (LaVallee)
Zaske, Gustave and Anna (Houbrich)
Zumbrunnen, Peter